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At BeUniqueness’s core is exclusivity. Serving a select few niches means we have managed to refine our services and have become the go-to choice for businesses in the industries we serve. Our experience has empowered us to identify top user needs and ones that offer the greatest ROI. 

Irrespective of your business’s current state and the goals that you have set for it, our solutions will single-handedly take you to your desired destination as long as you fall into one of the segments or niches we serve.

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Done For You Systems


While an increasing number of people are realizing the freedom and opportunities that come with owning a business, starting one from scratch can be a daunting task.
Our Done for You Systems have become a significant aspect of our identity, as we have helped countless individuals and teams build and scale a thriving and profitable business.
If you feel lost regarding the next steps but know that you want to own a business, then you won’t find a better opportunity than this.


  • The 7-Figure Done For You E-commerce In A Box System- Owning an E-commerce business offers a lucrative opportunity that has become more streamlined and automated over time. From setting up the store to selecting the right products to running the right advertisement campaigns, we do everything as you sit back and see your profits boom.
  • Executive DFY Ecom Scaling Program – own an established ecommerce business, but struggling to scale? With our Executive DFY Ecom Scaling Program, you get EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to effortlessly scale your business and revenues with unprecedented ROAS, guaranteed! 
  • The 6-Figure Done For You Agency 90 Day System- Designed for digital marketing agency owners and pre-agency owners who want to SKIP all the trial and error while we launch and scale their marketing agency on autopilot.
  • Done For You High Ticket Fitness Marketing Program: Designed For online coaches and personal trainers who aim for focusing on keeping their clients happy & healthy while we take care of the "ALL NEEDED MARKETING" to  bring more of the highest paying, conversion-ready appointments, GUARANTEED.

eCOM Optimisation


Minimizing expenses while boosting ROI means sky-high profits. It can be challenging to identify areas of your E-commerce store that will offer you the highest return. As a result, businesses can spend a significant sum trying to identify the right areas of investment. 
At BeUniqueness, we optimise stores every day which now enables us to identify the exact elements that need to be addressed in order to reduce CPC and CPA, while boosting AOV, sales, and net profit margin. 


  • B.M.S.L: If you are getting started in the e-commerce space, then there is no more powerful tool than this to help you catapult your business. With a promise to be your current results or your money back guarantee, this is the safest yet most exciting and promising opportunity for budding e-commerce stores.
  • ICECAS: Got your e-commerce store all set up? Experienced good growth initially which now appears to have peaked? Smash those virtual limits and scale your business to 9 figures with this secret growth model.
  • SJB: Own a jewellery brand? From building trust to pricing to customization issues and hitting the right audience, there are many challenges that you have to overcome to get to that dream destination. We know exactly what your brand needs and will present it to the right set of eyes after the most stunning revamp to establish your brand image and boost sales.

Lead Generation


People come across new brands every day. How many do they remember? At BeUniqueness, we introduce your brand to those who can potentially benefit from it and do so in the most unforgettable manner. Our Lead Generation services ensure that more people know about your services every day and that your business is introduced in the most emphatic and positive manner. Never again worry about getting lost in a sea of competition, as you will always have new customers lining up for your products or services. 


  • PPC - We design, create and launch advertising campaigns that introduce your brand to those who need them when they need them.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Our unmatched SEO services single-handedly help you rank at the top of search results to ensure that your business is always relevant and is a top option for those seeking related services.
  • Video Marketing - Nothing is as powerful as audio-visual content. We create the most gripping content that stays with your potential customers to turn you into a go-to brand in your space.
  • Digital PR - We build a presence where it matters. Knowing where your potential customers are most likely to be and pre-emptively establishing a presence on the right platforms is a sure-shot way of converting audiences into customers.
  • E-commerce Influencers: Building trust and credibility while introducing a new brand, product, or service is key. What better way to do that than introducing your solutions through a network of more than a thousand top influencers
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Lead Nurturing


Having made a huge audience aware of your services, it is now time to convert them into paying customers. Our lead nurturing services identify the obstacles and hesitations that your potential audience is experiencing and eliminate them to boost conversions.


  • Email Marketing - Offering cosmic ROI, email marketing is a power-packed tool in our arsenal to reach and convert your audience. With the creation of an invaluable email list, you will continue to reap the rewards for years to come. 
  • Branding - Establishing your business’s uniqueness is what we are known for. Our branding will ensure that your business stands apart in a sea of monotonous competition.
  • Remarketing - Ensuring that we retarget those who have expressed an interest in your services or niche is a crucial step to guarantee the success and efficiency of your marketing efforts.
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Customer Retention


While reaching and onboarding new clients is always exciting, you must also make sure that you retain your existing clients. This means continuing to offer an experience and value that turn your customers into loyal clients. We ensure that you continue to offer the most valuable features of your service, while also identifying the areas of improvement to enhance the experience you offer. 


    • Email Marketing and Automation - Stay in touch with your clients and continue to offer them value to ensure that they never consider leaving you or are never tempted to explore other options.
    • Website Development - At the core of all online experiences is the perfect website that acts as a platform for all the facilities that you offer. Our web development services ensure a powerful and intuitive user experience every single time.

      • Social Media Management: There are numerous ingredients that go into the making of a flawless social media presence. From interacting with your followers to planning and posting quality content. Our analytics team determines the most effective content and strategies, so you get the most out of your social media accounts.
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      Growth Facilitation


      In the world of business, it’s either growth or deterioration, there is no middle ground. While implementing certain obvious features can be straightforward, you need to be able to identify the intricacies and the finer details that can make or break your business. Our team of seasoned professionals help you understand the areas of your business that need improvement for you to experience unimaginable business growth.


      • Call Tracking - Discover which ads, keywords and campaigns generate a return on investment over the phone and on the web with a free trial. Includes call tracking and analytics, call recordings and set-up numbers instantly.
      • SMS Marketing - A forgotten tool for many, SMS Marketing, when done right, can offer incredible returns and is perfect for promoting your business.
      • Web Survey - No more guesswork. Our surveys help you understand what people are thinking and saying about your business.
      • Website analysis - We perform a detailed audit of your website to identify areas that need revamping. Our experts help map users’ journeys to understand your visitors’ behaviour.
      • E-Book Creation - Establish yourself as an authority in your domain by creating your own e-book from scratch. Our revolutionary AI feature can turn your blog into a stunning E-book in less than 2 hours.

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      Brand Awareness


      Your brand is more than just a registered business that offers a product or service. For people to connect with you, they need to know the background story, what you have done to come this far and what you intend to do in the future. Clarifying what your brand stands for, the core values, mission and vision, help you create a unique identity and highlight what’s special about your business.


      • Business/Branding Strategy - We will create the perfect branding, marketing, or growth strategy for your business, so you know exactly what to do and when to do it to spread awareness regarding your brand.
      • PPC - We design, create and launch advertising campaigns that introduce your brand and highlight its most special and valuable features to attract customers.
      • Search Engine Optimisation - Get ranked on the first page of search engines for terms that are relevant to your brand. Our SEO solutions solidify the link between your brand and the terms that you think best define it by ranking your business for those keywords.
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      Brand Reputation


      Ever noticed how doing business with certain brand names make you feel calm and positive, while others make you tense? Nurturing a positive brand reputation and avoiding negativity is essential when wanting to attract new customers. 


      • Social Media Management - We create the most likeable presence for you on your social media accounts. From interacting with your followers to sharing popular content, we know exactly how to turn your social media following into fans.
      • Online Reputation Management - We monitor any negativity that might arise against your business and counter it before it grows. We ensure that your business is free of negative reviews, scandals, or misunderstandings.

      brand reputation
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      User Experience


      The perfect user experience goes beyond usability and focuses on creating enjoyable experiences for your users. Businesses can focus on a single aspect of UX design while ignoring others. Our UX solutions are comprehensive and include usability, aesthetics, usefulness, and more.


      • Website Design - We study user behaviour to create flows that are intuitive and make things incredibly simple for your website visitors. All that while offering stunning designs that are perfectly in line with your brand.
      •  Web Survey - No more guesswork. Our surveys help you understand what people are thinking and saying about your business.
      • Product & Service Finder: BeUniqueness’s innovative automated system helps your website visitors get to the exact product or service they are seeking upon responding to a few simple multiple-choice questions.
      • SEO - We focus on User Experience elements to meet the needs of searchers. As a result, you experience improved organic search marketing performance and rank higher on the SERPs.
      • One-Min Website(New) - Our revolutionary website builder tool sets up your ready-to-use and responsive website in under a minute.
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      At BeUniqueness Our Clients Are Our Advocates

      No one knows our services better than our clients who have experienced the effectiveness of our solutions first-hand:


      The BeUniqueness Pricing Innovation

      The need for digital marketing is no longer debated as every business acknowledges it as an indispensable tool for scaling and increasing brand awareness. Unfortunately, while identifying the right digital marketing services for your business needs can be straightforward, it is often difficult to determine the costs of such services.

      Lack of clarity when it comes to pricing means businesses can waste precious time pursuing services that eventually turn out to be unaffordable. At BeUniqueness, transparency is a core value that is incorporated into every step of the journey.

      As such, we believe in sharing the prices of our services so you can devise a marketing plan that meets your budget. The only problem? Our limitless customization options mean that we individually cater to every client’s needs, as such, we cannot apply a standard price tag for our services. However, we strive to share reasonable pricing estimates, so you can keep an eye on that bottom-line as a business owner and know exactly what you can add to your marketing arsenal.

      While there are various aspects that go behind pricing a service, at the centre of it all is a simple check – the value a service offers must always far exceed the price you pay for it.

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      Goal Scale eCOM Brands Customise my own services based on my own needs Generate Sales Qualified leads
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      DFY setup account
      Autopilot email & SMS marketing
      Sales Funnel
      Landing page
      Auto-Fraud Detection
      55 Sec Callback Request
      Spokesperson/Motivational video
      Starts from Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke
      BeUniqueness Dashboard
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      Our Stress Killing Money-back Guarantee

      Having worked with countless start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and other clients, we understand the hesitation that comes before investing in a new service. After all, you are facing many different expenses and always have to keep an eye on that budget.

      Sure digital marketing is no longer optional and is inarguably the single most valuable tool when it comes to scaling your business and connecting with the right audience, but that does not mean splurging on a random service.

      BeUniqueness’s claims are backed by numerous awards from top awarding bodies and our promises to you are backed by our money-back guarantee.

      All you have to do is simply try our services once to check if we can deliver on our promises. If you are unsatisfied or if you do not see the results we pledged, simply reach out to us and let us know. We will offer you a complete refund, no questions asked. Terms and conditions apply.

      That is the unique BeUniqueness way to ensure that you put nothing on the line without having complete peace of mind.

      Promising Solutions Right? But Do They Work? Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

      See some of our Success stories for yourself!

      Watch LIVE Case Study

      Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." The point of these testimonials is to let you hear from people that have had results so you can hear their story.


      Disclaimer: These Testimonials Are Not Expected To Be Considered As "Typical Results." The Point Of These Testimonials Is To Let You Hear From People That Have Had Results So You Can Hear Their Story.

      FEW MORE

      Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." The point of these testimonials is to let you hear from people that have had results so you can hear their story.

      AND MORE

      Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." The point of these testimonials is to let you hear from people that have had results so you can hear their story.


      Disclaimer: These testimonials are not expected to be considered as "typical results." The point of these testimonials is to let you hear from people that have had results so you can hear their story.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We are not just one of many marketing agencies offering the same outdated services. We share our success stories by revealing the actual figures, so you know the exact impact we've had on our clients' businesses.

      If transparency and staying informed regarding the ongoing marketing efforts are important to you, then there is no option better than BeUniqueness. Our innovative dashboard shares clear insights about what we are doing for your business at any given point in time.

      Our services are primarily focused to help investors, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce business owners. Narrowing down our focus has enabled us to truly champion our niches and offer unmatched services.

      BeUniqueness is genuinely unique in that it offers Done for You Models where we set up your business for you, scale it, and put in place streamlined systems before handing a profitable business over to you.

      There is no one right answer to that question. Every business is unique and needs to be marketed based on numerous factors including business type, business size, niche etc. Our team of hand-picked experts review your business before identifying the best channels to promote your business.

      Rest assured, irrespective of the identified channel and the services that you may need, our team is equipped with the perfect skill set to boost your revenue.

      This depends on your current business position, the current state of the market, and numerous other factors.

      However, irrespective of the variables, our clients generally start to observe a noticeable difference anywhere from 2 weeks to 90 days.

      Yes! We do offer a money-back guarantee once our business scaling manager verifies that you qualify for a refund.

      The exact details of the refund will be finalized beforehand and will be clearly mentioned in the contract, so you have full clarity regarding the process.

      Our onboarding process is mind-bogglingly convenient. You will be given a form to complete once you sign the agreement and pay the invoice. Upon submitting the form, we will initiate your onboarding process which will take from 7 to 15 days in total.

      No, unless you are using our Done-for-You services. With our DFY programs, we carefully and thoroughly set up everything for the long term success of your business. So it's important that we work together for longer to achieve great results. But despite that, you are free to end the contract at any time and run the business / marketing campaigns yourself without any hassle.

      Having some kind of budget in mind really helps us devise the perfect plan for you. Investing the necessary funds and effort to scale your business is essential for success.

      BeUniqueness takes away the risk as your investments are protected by our money-back guarantee in case you do not see the returns that you expected.

      Yes! We accept credit and debit cards, bank transfers, direct debits, PayPal, and other online payment methods. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques as a form of payment.

      EU, UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

      One of the things that makes BeUniqueness so unique is we genuinely help businesses at every step of the way. Based on your needs, your requirements can greatly vary. That is why, we offer scaling solutions as well as services to help you get started from scratch.

      Our Industry-altering Done For You models are perfect for those who know that they want to own a thriving business, but don't know how to get started.

      Whether you dream of owning your own eCommerce business or digital marketing agency, we offer bespoke in-a-box solutions to turn your vision into a reality.

      We understand that being left in the dark and helplessly waiting for updates makes for a painful customer experience. That is why, you will be granted access to your own dashboard upon onboarding, so you know exactly what we are doing to help your business at any given point in time.

      That means you are always part of the process and receive a service and solutions that you are 100% satisfied with.

      With the most incredible team, it was easy for us to open up our services to every niche. However, from the beginning, we have had a crystal clear focus of offering specialised services in exclusive industries only. As such, we do not just onboard anyone. All our clients are onboarded after a meeting where we ensure that we will be a good fit and that we will genuinely be offering you value.

      With our unique money-back guarantee, it is crucial that we truly help you achieve your goals, or we will have to bear the consequences.

      At BeUniqueness, we strive to form lasting partnerships by providing high quality services that our clients never want to end. We believe in rewarding this trust in us, as such, we have created the BeUniqueness 2% Cashback Loyalty Award.

      Twelve months (1 year) after your onboarding, we will offer you a 2% cashback on all the management fees and setup fees that you will have paid over the year to your BeUniqueness Wallet.

      That's just our way of expressing our gratitude for your continuing trust in us.