The BeUniqueness Story


First Step of a Glorious Journey

As Mo Graduates with a Bachelor's in Pharmacy, he recognises his true passion and aptitude for marketing and decides to switch careers to explore the world of marketing.

Mo's knowledge and passion for marketing find structure through a Master's degree in International Business in London, UK.


Mo in Marketing-land

Seeing his excellence in his first Master's degree, Mo gets offered a scholarship to pursue a dual Master degree in International Marketing followed by post grad studies from Harvard and UCLA International Business Schools in USA.

Throughout his journey, Mo elevates numerous businesses on a digital marketing consultancy basis with his fast-growing digital marketing knowledge including some of the biggest brands in the world such as Zara, Unilever, P&G, Coca-Cola and Google etc..


It's Official–BeUniqueness is born

Mo's work starts receiving recognition which results in an increased demand for his solutions & consultancy, leading to the formation of BeUniqueness in the UK with open doors to the US market.

Mo's vision for BeUniqueness was clear from day one. This wasn't going to be just another one of many digital marketing agencies.


Making BeUniqueness Truly Unique

BeUniqueness offers truly reinvented Done-for-You, passive income opportunity programs and Digital Marketing solutions that see clients' revenue and ROAS rocket to unheard-of levels.

The team doubles in size to cater to the increasing demand for services.


Growing in Adversity

As the Covid-19 pandemic takes the world by storm, BeUniqueness continues to offer unmatched solutions.

The unwavering dedication to providing quality services is rewarded by clients' appreciation as the team continues to grow and starts offering services in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Zero layoffs.

BeUniqueness generates more than £50M in revenue for clients across the globe.

2020 turns out to be a year where BeUniqueness receives overwhelming appreciation:

  • Agency of the Year Silver Award by Ad World Masters
  • Recognized as One of The Top B2B Companies Globally by Clutch
  • Awarded Best Digital Marketing Agency 2020 at Northern Enterprise Awards


The Horizons Keep on Expanding

Although providing services to US-based businesses since its inception, BeUniqueness is registered as a business in the US to meet the overwhelming demand.

As the company continues to grow, it also continues to accumulate accolades that acknowledge the quality of the services on offer:

  • Recognized as One of The Top B2B Companies in The UK By Clutch
  • Awarded the Best UX Design Agency in The North West at The Northern Enterprise Awards 2021
  • Agency of The Year Silver Award by Ad World Masters, Second Year in A Row

2022 - Present

Just Getting Started...

Today, BeUniqueness is home to more than 40 top professionals who have come together to help clients create and boost businesses to 7, 8, and 9-figure in revenues.

The solutions that BeUniqueness offers have altered the digital marketing space for all times.

The Done-for-You models have empowered countless ambitious teams and individuals with thriving businesses of their own.

A design thinking process is implemented that helps businesses resolve internal and external issues and focuses on building brand persona, improving brand personality to ensure that every client's brand is being seen as the sole & unique provider to their customers' demands.

BeUniqueness continues to work with a customer journey centric approach that ensures a focus wider than just sales (from Awareness to Loyalty). An approach that focuses on fulfilling a business's latent needs. It is this approach that lies at the core of BeUniqueness's innovation, and has been acknowledged by numerous awarding bodies.

Despite such an incredible success recipe, the team at BeUniqueness comes together every day to discuss new solutions to further elevate client experience.

The Industry Has Had Good Things to Say About Us

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