What do you offer for me as a loyal client?

How could we forget about you?
  • We offer you a 10% discount on your 2nd deal
  • Work from your office and show you how we Implement your marketing services
  • Cash back: whether you are a new, current or old client, you'd benefit from our Cash back reward program. Check below.


How does your Cash back reward work?

  • We offer 1% cash back at the end of the 1st year for new clients and 2% on every year thereafter for ongoing clients
  • You should receive your cash back at the end of 12th month (i.e. if your first proposal started in January, you'd get your cash back in December)
  • Your cash back would be sent as direct bank transfer or cheque 
  • You should spend a minimum of £1000 across a 12 month period 
  • As our cash back does apply to some of our services, you would be informed of the amount of your cash back reward in your agreement
  • Our cash back reward is only available for our clients in the UK 
  • Doesn't apply to refunded services
  • Terms and Conditions apply


Tell me more about Money Back Guarantee?

Why would you pay for what you didn’t receive? It’s not fair, right? That’s why we offer you a full refund of the first month (of the management fees, not ad spend) if we were at fault for failing to deliver the:

  • Service on time
  • Service as agreed
  • Result as promised
Please note that our Money Back Guarantee policy doesn't apply to third-party fees (i.e. if you paid us £X amount to manage your Google Ads Campaign and £Z amount to bid on google, and we didn't deliver what we promised, we will refund only the £X amount). In addition, all of our given/suggested due dates are excluding your comments/edits time (i.e. 2nd version; time we consume to amend your work based on your comments). T&Cs apply


What about your hidden fees?

Good question! We don’t have any hidden fees though!


Do you offer free services or free trials?

Long story short, we don’t offer free trials. However, we offer free services
we pride ourselves on being the first and only (so far) digit marketing company to offer free services for 6 months period with any 6 months-paid contract


When can I use the “Keep in check" Service?

After 10-14 months of the Pay as you go or eCRM packages (formerly eCRM law packages) we will be honoured to work from your premises and show you how we deliver and look after your services.


What is the sponsored Ad cost?

Let's explain by giving a very simple example:
  • You want to run an Ad on Google; Google charged £5 for your Ad; We will charge you £5, separately 
  • You want to run an Ad on social media channel; The platform charged £3 for your Ad; We will charge you £3, separately 
  • You want to publish your content on a different website (Digital PR); That website charged £10 per each published piece of content on their website; We will charge you £10 per each published piece of content on their website, separately 


How do we define leads?

Anyone who is interested in your service, may want to become your client and has reached you via any of the following approaches: 
  • Visits your website
  • Clicks on your website
  • Clicks on any of your Ads
  • Sends you an email
  • Contacts you via your phone number or email address
  • Likes, follows or engages with your online activities 


How does it work?

  • Contact us; email, phone, fill in the form or schedule either for us to visit you in-house, or for you to come to our office. You can also save time by "booking an appointment online" from our scheduling table.
  • Discuss your in-depth enquiry (or your "customise my own package" enquiry) with our team.
  • Receive your final quote, invoice and service agreement to sign, review and pay. BINGO!


How do I pay you?

  • Bank transfers for settling invoices (available for local and international customers)
  • PayPal (only for UK customers) 
  • All major debit and credit cards (available for all local and international customers)
Kindly be advised that all invoices are issued in

  • GBP for UK & EU based companies 
  • USD for non UK/EU based companies