What is Introductory Period?

  • Startups who have less than 3 customers would receive a 20% OFF their first 4 deals/contracts.
  • Only apply to eCRM law packages
  • Although it is available with some of our services, you can still benefit from other discounts that apply to all of our services (i.e. New client)
  • Contact us to claim your offer or to know more


What do you offer for me as a loyal client?

How come we forget about you!
  • We offer you 10% discount on your 2nd deal
  • Work from your office and show you how we Implement your marketing services
  • Cash back: We are proud to announce that we are #1 Digital marketing agency to offer cash back for its client in the UK. Get 2% Cash back of your spendings at BeUniqueness


Tell me more about Money Back Guarantee?

Why would you pay for what you won’t receive? It’s not fair, right? That’s why we offer you a full refund of the management fees If we mistakenly didn't deliver the:

  • Service on time
  • Service as agreed
  • Result as promised
Please note that our Money Back Guarantee policy doesn't apply to third-party fees (i.e. if you paid us £X amount to manage your Google Ads Campaign and £Z amount to bid on google, and we didn't deliver what we promised, we will refund only the £X amount)


What is freemium model?

This is a mix of free and premium words. The free-of-charge package will give you the opportunity to get to know our company and understand how we work, prior to signing up to any type of deal. The paid package will help your business and brand to grow and develop, increasing your revenue and boosting your return on marketing investment.


What about your hidden fees?

Good question! We don’t have any hidden fees though!


Do you offer free services forever or just free trials?

The short answer is BOTH; We provide a maximum of four hours of services in the first month for free, followed by a permanent of two free hours a month if you sign up for our paid services.


When can I use the “Keep in check" Service?

After 10-14 months of the Pay as you go or eCRM law package, we will be honoured to work from your premises and show you how we execute and look after your services.


Do you offer free assessments?

Yes, we do indeed. We offer a complementary B.U.A “BeUniqueness Assessment" for all our eCRM law package clients to make sure that we have 100% understood, analysed and assessed your business from performance, reputation and competition perspectives.

B.U.A helps us offer you the “crème de la crème" as well as helping you understand your business-inside-out


How does it work?

  • Contact us; email, phone, fill in the form or schedule either for us to visit you in-house, or for you to come to our office. You can also save time by "booking an appointment online" from our scheduling table.
  • Discuss your in-depth enquiry (or your "customise my own package" enquiry with our team).
  • Receive your final quote, invoice and service agreement to sign, review and pay. BINGO!


How do we define leads?

Anyone who is interested in your service, wanted to become your client and reached you via any of the following approaches: 
  • Visit your website
  • Click on your website
  • Click on any of your Ads
  • Send you an email
  • Contact you via phone number or email address
  • Like, follow or engage with your online activities 


How do I pay you?

At the moment, we use bank transfers for settling invoices. But in the near future, we will be accepting PayPal, debit and credit cards.


What is sponsored Ad cost?

Let's explain by giving a very simple example,
  • You want to run an Ad on Google; Google charged £5 for your Ad; We will charge you £5, separately 
  • You want to run an Ad on social media channel; The platform charged £3 for your Ad; We will charge you £3, separately 
  • You want to publish your content on a different website (Digital PR); That website charged £10 per each published piece of content on their website; We will charge you £10 per each published piece of content on their website, separately