Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is now a critical part of any digital content strategy, but there are more elements to it than some people realise.

It has become well-established in recent years that traditional marketing is simply not helping small and medium-sized firms get their message through to their potential client base. One of the key reasons for this is a lack of the focus that SEO can bring.

What is SEO and how can it help in digital marketing?

SEO comes in two forms, both relating to digital content. These are on-page and off-page, or technical SEO.

On-page SEO is everything in the content itself that helps optimise it, which means boosting its search engine ranking. The ultimate aim for your content should be to reach the first page of the search engine rankings, as most people do not look beyond this.

Several elements make up on-age SEO and search engines reward the best of these while penalising content that falls short:

  •         Short-tail keywords – single words or short phrases that match up the content with what the user of the search engine is looking for.
  •         Long-tail keywords – these are longer and often more detailed phrases used in more precise searches.
  •         Relevance – keywords are not enough: The rest of your content needs to be relevant to the reader’s interests and needs.
  •         Quality and authority – the most readable, high-quality content will be rewarded, as search engines will notice if people stay on the page or leave it swiftly.
  •         Good images – attractive and relevant images add to quality and authority.
  • These are just some of the factors search engines look for. They keep the full list a secret.

How does technical SEO work?

In addition, there are also issues of technical SEO that matter. These include:

  •         User experience: You don’t want visitors to your site to encounter slow load-up times or broken internal links
  •         Backlinks. Good ones boost your ranking, bad ones hurt it
  •         Usability across different devices: You don’t want a site that looks good on a laptop but isn’t mobile-friendly.

This means that to get good SEO, your content needs to be well-written, professional, have good images and relevant keywords. But you also need to make sure the technical aspects are looked after too.

What BeUniqueness can do?

At BeUniqueness, we are experts in SEO and can help produce optimised content for you, making this part of a consistent and focused digital strategy. By giving your content the best chance of being seen online, we can help raise awareness and ensure your firm is able to attract more clients while enjoying a better return on investment. 

These are some but not all of our SEO features that come with any package;

  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Complete site analysis
  • Monthly reports
  • On page optimisation
  • Link building content creation 
  • SEO Blog posts (500W*2)
  • Live ranks-Check ranks daily
  • Increase search ranks
  • And more tech stuff that could be discussed with you over the phone