Website Development

Having a great website is essential for any firm that wants to sell or publicise its goods and services online. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing site needing enhancements, website development can have an extremely positive impact on your fortunes.

The need for a good website in 21st century business is self-evident. In an age when consumers want to be able to search, browse, consider and buy using the web, the lack of a good website can be a huge handicap.

When would you need website development services?

There are two main scenarios in which you may need website development services:

  •          You don’t yet have a website because you have not previously traded online. This is likely to be true if you are just setting up an SME.
  •          You do have a company website but it needs work in order to get it up to scratch. Until this happens, your rivals will have an advantage over you.
  • Sectors like personal finance are a common example of where many firms will be well established but not have a good site in place yet.

What is involved in starting from scratch?

If you do not have a site, we can build one for you from scratch. This will not, however, be a case of a designer coming up with the various features and imposing them on you. Instead, you will get the opportunity to contribute ideas, explain your needs and evaluate the design as it progresses. The result will be that the site will only be declared finished and ready to go live when you are completely satisfied with it.

As well as the general design, your site will have been set up with all the expertise required to cover the technical side of search engine optimisation. This means a range of elements will be established to ensure your site is not penalised by search engines for any shortcomings. There are many examples of this:

  •          It will have HTTPS coding instead of HTTP, as this is more secure
  •          Links will be set up correctly to make sure they work
  •          Pages will load up quickly

How can website design upgrade an existing site?

Improving an existing website can be a simple task or a more complicated one. In some cases, it may be that there is much that is right with it, but some fine-tuning is required. On the other hand, it may need a complete overhaul.

If an existing website is being designed, the same principles apply as they do when a new site is being created from scratch. As the owner, you will get to have your own input into the design and, once again, the final version will only be signed off when you are entirely happy with it.

Whether the site is entirely new or a revamp of an existing one, you will own it entirely, which is not the case with some website designers.

Once you have a brilliant, up-to-date website, you will be able to enjoy lots of great benefits:

  •          Site visitors will be impressed with the layout and user experience
  •          The design, logos and style will reflect your brand identity better
  •          The technical SEO will be excellent and help boost your site content’s ranking
  •          A better site performance will increase the confidence potential clients have that you will provide them with a great service
  •          It will dovetail well with your other online activities, such as your social media presence

All this will help ensure the development of your website provides a strong return on investment.

How BeUniqueness can make your website brilliant

At BeUniqueness, we can offer top-quality website design services that will give your firm a great advantage over most of your rivals. You will own the site entirely and soon start to enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly and impressive window on the world that your visitors will love.