Video Content

Video content is not just something that is ‘nice to have’. Used properly, it can form a major element of your marketing strategy.

Of the many new possibilities that online and digital marketing strategies can offer, video is one of the most exciting. It also delivers a great return on investment: Research has shown marketers get more leads and increase brand awareness with video marketing.

How can video enhance content?

  •   A video can be embedded in a written content article to add more value
  •   A video can be used to add value and provide more information on your website
  •   A video can be used directly as a marketing tool through a social media site such as YouTube or Facebook
  •   A video can be linked to social media posts
  •   People are more likely to engage with content containing videos
  •   Videos can be embedded in marketing emails

What types of video content that we offer?

Whiteboard videos

The key with these videos is to capture the attention of the viewer in the first seven seconds, or they may click off it. The way to do this is to start the video by asking a question that relates to the problem your products or services will solve.

A Whiteboard video uses a white background (hence the term whiteboard) and commonly features just black text and images using part of the space.

2D Animated Videos

These videos are designed to capture the attention of the viewer with simple, attractive animated images that quickly introduce them to the topic and will enable you to sustain their attention through and beyond the crucial first seven seconds.

2D videos are very simple and use plenty of colour and movement to help maintain viewer attention.

2D animation videos also explain what you do, but work rather differently to a whiteboard video.

  •   They place an iconic character at the heart of the story
  •   They then proceed to tell a narrative of how the character has a problem, which the product or service being marketed will solve
  •   The whole video screen is filled with different colours, including backgrounds, objects and people
  •   Costs more to make than a whiteboard video
  •   It is usually shorter in duration than a whiteboard video, at around 1-2 minutes

Which format you choose can depend on the visual impact you want to have, what fits best with your brand, products and service, the timescale and your budget.

Vertical video is designed to be mobile-friendly due to its portrait style, rather than landscape, making it more visible on mobiles, which are held up vertically 94% of the time. It can be used to create 2D, infographic, whiteboard, handcraft and typography videos. Vertical Video is also compatible with YouTube and Facebook.

This is an animated video made using handcrafted cartoon images, with the animation featuring these images being placed on the screen by hand. This effect is created digitally by scanning the images and then integrating the animation into the video to create a storyboard

An infographic uses a combination of animated graphics, statistics and written text to convey information using a succession of images. Designed to make explanation clear and simple, it uses very limited colours and any moving sections shift into position to create each image. Infographic videos sometimes use background music and allow the data and text to explain everything, but voiceovers can be used.


A 3D Avatar is not just a video made using 3D graphics. It also creates an avatar of the speaker delivering the talk, so rather than a narrator commenting on animated images, their speaking character is the focal point of the video.

This is particularly useful in cases where information is best delivered through spoken words instead of demonstrated with moving pictures.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography features a sequence of written statements that appear against the background of a single, static picture, with each one appearing and then being replaced with another.

They are accompanied with a vocal narration to reinforce their message, while the static image will also be relevant to the topic. 

A Mix of the Two

Simply speaking, this type of video would be the best option if you looking for something that includes our Avatar & Kinetic videos

This features an image of someone speaking on behalf of your firm against a background such as an office.It is designed to be short, to the point and centre in a call to action.  


One of the best approaches to engage with your customers is by displaying your brand story in a motivational & Inspirational ways that deliver your brand message, Increase engagement & boost your Conversion rate using real scenes that imply the genuineness of your brand.


Tutorial/Demo video

This is a video that shows part of a website being used, showing viewers how to make use of a particular function and illustrating points with arrows and highlights.

This is combined with a voiceover that explains step-by-step how to use each function and what this achieves.  


Up to 60 sec of any of the above videos (EXCEPT Demo videos> up to 90 sec) includes:

  • Script (up to 150W)
  • Easy-to-follow graphics
  • A professional voice-over (except spokesperson). Or benefit from our " Award winning Text To speech" for cost effective option (human like voice. Request a sample in your desired language)
  • Background musicFull-HD (1080p)
  • Sales Action (New)
    • Add branding watermark
    • Smart responsive: The video will ask your viewers if they would like to continue watching from where they left or from the beginning 
    • Enable/disable auto-start your video when page load
    • Enable/disable auto-pause your video when your viewer is outside the current tab/viewing area
    • Call to action button, text or image;  Availability to require your viewer to take a desired action before continuing your video
    • Insert Facebook share button; Availability to require your viewer to share your video on their FB news feed before continuing your video
    • Dynamic Feature: Display your video based on your target audience
    • Insert opt-in form (i.e. Subscribe Now to continue watching)
    • Video edge (i.e. Display your video inside video player such as iPad, Android device, etc.) 
    • Display Annotations (captions)
    • Here's an example of one of our Sales Action videos
  • P.S. 
    • The Sales Action feature can be embedded only as a code and not a URL. However, your video can be exported as URL without this feature
    • For more videos, click here