Video Content

Video Content

Video content is not just something that is ‘nice to have’. Used properly, it can form a major element of your marketing strategy.

Of the many new possibilities that online and digital marketing strategies can offer, video is one of the most exciting. It also delivers a great return on investment: Research has shown marketers get more leads and increase brand awareness with video marketing.

How can video enhance content?

  •   A video can be embedded in a written content article to add more value
  •   A video can be used to add value and provide more information on your website
  •   A video can be used directly as a marketing tool through a social media site such as YouTube or Facebook
  •   A video can be linked to social media posts
  •   People are more likely to engage with content containing videos
  •   Videos can be embedded in marketing emails

What types of video content exist?

There are two main kinds of video content we offer: Whiteboard and 2D.

What are whiteboard videos?

These are designed to give potential customers a comprehensive explanation about your firm, what its products are services are and what the benefits are for them.

A Whiteboard video uses a white background (hence the term whiteboard) and commonly features just black text and images using part of the space

The video includes:

  •   A simple script
  •   Easy-to-follow graphics
  •   A professional voice-over
  •   You may also add background music

The key with these videos is to capture the attention of the viewer in the first seven seconds, or they may click off it. The way to do this is to start the video by asking a question that relates to the problem your products or services will solve.

What are 2D animation videos?

2D animation videos also explain what you do, but work rather differently to a whiteboard video.

  •   They place an iconic character at the heart of the story
  •   They then proceed to tell a narrative of how the character has a problem, which the product or service being marketed will solve
  •   The whole video screen is filled with different colours, including backgrounds, objects and people
  •   Costs more to make than a whiteboard video
  •   It is usually shorter in duration than a whiteboard video, at around 1-2 minutes

Which format you choose can depend on the visual impact you want to have, what fits best with your brand, products and service, the timescale and your budget.

How we can embed video in your content plans

At BeUniqueness, we know how important video is as part of a mix of different media in your marketing strategy. We can help your marketing campaigns to reach their target audiences by bringing together all the various tools available to you, helping you enjoy a healthy return on your marketing investment.