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Marketing is not just about trying to capture the attention of potential customers once. Through remarketing, you can give them extra opportunities to come back to you.

It can seem frustrating when marketing efforts do not bring forth a large number of leads, among whom some will be your future customers. But fear not: With remarketing, you can give people further chances to come back to you.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is where identified leads who have not responded to further marketing message can be specifically targeted by a new campaign.  

The idea is to target these campaigns specifically at those who have already had some engagement with your firm in various ways, such as those who have clicked on a paid ad or have visited your website.

What different kinds of remarketing are there?

There are several different kinds of remarketing, based on the past activity of the leads you want to contact.

  •          Standard - this shows ads to people who have previously visited a page
  •          Dynamic - Like standard, but the ads are tailored to the specific products or services the page visitors had previously viewed
  •          Search engines - they target those who have visited a website and are subsequently still visiting search engines for similar products or services
  •          Video - This targets people who have interacted with a video with another video, shown on a website or on YouTube.
  •          Distribution list - these are sent to people who have signed up for a distribution list, such as a newsletter

In addition to these, there are also ads tailored for specifically to mobile apps. These are designed for those who have previously connected with your site via mobiles. Suffice to say, you should of course make sure your website is compatible with mobile use as this is where the majority of online searches are now made.

What tools are used for remarketing?

There are several customised tools for remarketing, offered by various platforms:

         Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)
         Yahoo Gemini Ads
         Facebook Remarketing
         LinkedIn ads
         Twitter Remarketing

The platforms linked to a social media platform will be geared up especially for remarketing on that platform. For example, if you have been using Facebook Ads, the same platform can provide a tool to seek to reconnect with those who have previously responded to those ads.

Once an account is in place for one of these, a marketing list - or multiple lists - can be created. You can also create test ads and put them through A/B testing to find out which one is more effective.

You may be pleasantly surprised how effective remarketing is. All the people who have looked at your site, responded to an add or signed up for a newsletter will have passed through the awareness phase of the buyer journey to the consideration stage.

Who are your best prospects?

It may be many of those considering their options are taking their time, or are genuinely unsure whose products or services to go with. However, they can be nudged nearer to choosing you through your remarketing efforts.

Others might have moved much nearer to making a final buying decision. Indeed, some might have got as far as the checkout stage before stopping a purchase, something that can occur for a range of reasons:

  •          They might have had second thoughts
  •          They may have lost internet connection
  •          Something else required their attention and they did not have time to complete the transaction.

Finally, there are those who have already made purchases from you. They are the most obvious target for remarketing as they have already engaged with your brand right to the point of making a purchase and are therefore the most likely to do so again.

Whoever you are targeting, however, the reality is that using Google Ads for remarketing can help you connected with your target audience after they leave your site - giving you the best chance of bringing them back.

How can BeUniqueness help you remarket?

BeUniqueness can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital marketing, including remarketing. We can help you devise the best strategy for trying to bring in more custom through following up those who have previously visited your site, ranging from remarketing to email marketing. In doing so, you can enjoy a maximised return on investment.