Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Managing a reputation is crucial for every brand, not least when it comes to social media, an arena with both threats and opportunities.

A key part of branding is to develop and maintain a positive reputation for your firm. It must be seen in a good light and when your company name is mentioned, this should generate positive thoughts and associations.

Your brand reputation can be strengthened by using online resources well, including digital marketing blogs and social media. These can provide good PR for law firms, b2b ecommerce firms and other professional services providers.

What online dangers could your reputation face?

However, the reality is that reputations can easily be damaged, with the dangers coming from a range of sources:

  • Company errors
  •          Wider shortcomings in products or services
  •          Incidents involving individual people associated with a firm
  •          Negative online reviews
  •          Malicious comments or allegations

All these can harm a firm, but online communications can make the damage worse. In the first three cases above, they can lead to bad news spreading further and wider than it might have done in the pre-internet days.

In the latter two cases, negative opinion or even deliberate misinformation can have especially harmful effects. As many as 94 per cent of people have said bad reviews have persuaded them not to buy from a brand.

This is why online reputation management matters. Your firm cannot afford to simply soak up negative messages online. Instead, you need a response.

What can be done to help manage your reputation?

There are various ways good online reputation management can do this:

  •          It can use sites such as social media platforms to answer inaccurate claims
  •          Avoid getting into online rows, especially with ‘trolls’
  •          You can use online means to resolve customer complaints and thus prompt positive feedback from those whose issues have been resolved
  •          Monitoring of online perceptions can swiftly identify problems so they can be addressed at an early stage
  •          You can use your social media and website content to publish ‘good news’ stories and other positive blog content to offset negative publicity
  •          By making sure you encourage good online feedback and giving it prominence on your website and social media
  •          Involvement with charities or social enterprises can create good publicity for you

The key with good online reputation management is to have someone dedicated to this role so that problems can be spotted as soon as possible. The earlier an issue arises, the sooner action can be taken to deal with it, ensuring you can quickly regain control of the narrative and work to build up your reputation again.

How BeUniqueness can help manage your reputation

At BeUniqueness, we recognise how important reputation management is to a brand. By keeping a close watch in how you are perceived online, our swift response to problems will help minimise their impact and enable you to push ahead with building a stronger reputation for your firm.