Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing offers a great way of reaching large numbers of potential clients quickly, but it needs to be done in the right way to make it effective.

Emailing large numbers of potential customers can be a great way of contacting a lot of people, but all too often such campaigns fail to deliver much return on investment because they do not account for important factors that prompt people to open and respond to such messages.

Common mistakes can include sending emails randomly to those who may not be interested, sending the wrong kind of emails for the stage of the buyer journey a potential customer is in, as well as failing to make the content of the email attractive or the next step an easy one for potential customers to take.

How can you build a solid email strategy?

To avoid such errors, what is needed is a co-ordinated email marketing campaign that contacts the right people, at the right time and in the right way.

Using a modern email distribution system, we can split up people into categories known as groups and segments to filter out people who should not receive a certain email. That means leads in the correct category can be targeted by specific messages with greater focus.

For example:

  • One email could be aimed at raising initial awareness of your service
  • Another would be sent to those who have already shown an interest by responding to your marketing and are therefore at the ‘consideration’ stage.
  •           Another would be sent to existing clients to encourage further transactions.  

Why does good design matter?

Emails also need to have a range of attributes:

  • They should be very readable
  • They should entice people with compelling message
  • Well decorated with images
  • Offer simple methods to progress matters, such as a call to action button to subscribe to a newsletter or access further details of a service.

By doing all this, your emails will be aimed at just the right people and will give you the best chance of maximising your investment. They will act like a welcoming virtual front door to your firm and its services, something those reading the emails will be much more likely to walk through to become your customers.

What can we do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we can use the very best software and methods to create for you an email marketing campaign perfectly tailored to your needs. It will separate the different parts of your target market into segments, provide different messages to those at various stages of the buyer journey and ensure your emails look attractive, professional and enticing. Our Standard Email marketing package Includes (any of the below can be edited upon your request): 

👉Set-up One Standard campaign & One Automation campaign (up to 2000 Contacts) 

👉Audience segmentation

👉Send up to Five newsletters/Informative emails/Sales/prospecting emails per month

👉Send one introductory email to your prospects from our database about your company (New) . (Only Available to B2B)

As Klaviyo certified partner, we have a very special package for Shopify/Woo-commerce stores who use/willing Klaviyo

  • Instal Klaviyo+ Setup +  Install tracking
  • Set up 3 Dynamic Discounts
  • Lead generating & Birthday popup
  • Set up flows (Design + Text)
      • Bring back cart abandoners - Abandon cart flow
      • Product page abandoners - Browse abandon flow
      • Engage interested prospects - Welcome series
      • Turn impulsive shopper into a repeat customer - Post-purchase flow Including Engagement 
      • Encourage repeat orders - Customer win-back flow 
      • Birthday & half birthday flow
  • Advanced Segmentation

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