Web Survey

The firms who do best are those who keep their customers happy and respond swiftly to feedback. But how can you ensure you have an accurate picture of what people think of your online services?

Every firm that operates online should place a great premium on giving website visitors a good user experience and in providing great customer service.

However, to be sure you are doing this you need lots of feedback. If it is mostly good, you can be satisfied that you are doing a great job. If it is not, then that is useful too, because it can help you pinpoint what you need to do to improve.

Either way, the more information you can get, the better. It can help you improve your services, enhance your communication, show your customers their views matter and give you a critical edge on your competitors.

Why are traditional online surveys of little use?

The standard way of trying to do this is through setting up traditional forms of customer survey. But these have a number of limitations, which reduces their usefulness.  

  •          Surveys often get a low response rate, with fewer responding the more questions are asked
  •          Those who do respond may be those with the strongest views, rather than your average customer
  •          It can take up a lot of time to analyse the data
  •          Information can be slow in reaching the people in your firm who need it most
  • All this amounts to a laborious process that can take up too much time, which is no use when you need to respond swiftly to customer concerns.


What can web survey software do to provide faster and better data?

This is why we offer a service using customer experience management software to speed up the whole process. This can be used to monitor your website, gain more customer feedback and provide easily digestible information that you can act on swiftly.

Features of this service include:

  •          Net promoter score - a simple marks out of 10 system site visitors need just a couple of seconds to fill in
  •          A customer satisfaction score with marks out of five
  •          A customer effort score out of seven
  •          There will be accompanying spaces for people to make comments if they wish to
  • Unlike a normal survey, these micro-surveys will not take up the precious time of site visitors. so it is more likely customers will respond to them.

In addition, there will be a facility to offer brief web surveys via mobile and email that will help measure key metrics.

How does the information gathered get presented?

The data is then presented in a way that is easy to keep track of.

  •          A dashboard keeps tabs on the data in real time
  •          Analytics software ensures the relevant information is extracted to tell you what you need to know
  •          Machine using algorithms can help categorise data
  •          The system can be integrated with other software to enable you to share and utilise information swiftly and efficiently right through your organisation

All this means that you can immediately start assessing where you are doing well and what your customers like, as well as where you may be falling short and not satisfying customers, whether it is the quality of your content, your website performance or the efficiency with which you deliver services.

That means you can clearly identify what the problems are and have the information you need to help guide a strategy to improve your service.

By making the most of simple surveys, you can find out some great ways of improving your brand reputation, pleasing your customers and ensuring their loyalty in the long term.

What can BeUniqueness do for you?

BeUniqueness can provide this service for you, enabling you to get the crucial insights that will help you enhance your customer service. With our help, you can delight your customers and win their loyalty for life, giving you a big advantage over your competitors.