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Pay per click (PPC) is a highly effective way of gaining leads and getting your firm a prominent position on search pages much sooner than organic SEO could achieve.

Why is PPC is extremely useful?

PPC is a popular tool for generating leads as it offers a smart, flexible and powerful way of getting leads for a firm. It is particularly valuable if you want to appear on the first page of search engine rankings, as this can take months of work for organic SEO to achieve.

That means if your biggest challenge is a low profile combined with an urgent need to bring in custom quickly - a common situation at new firms - PPC may be the ideal solution.

How does PPC work?

  • The way PPC works is simple, but very effective
  •          Your ads can appear on search engine pages or social media
  •          You only pay a fee when someone clicks on an advert or undertakes another prompted action
  •          Once someone has clicked, you have a lead that you can follow up
  •          You can monitor the success or otherwise of your campaign from the number of clicks
  •          You can control your budget for your ads on a weekly or monthly basis
  •          You can also focus where your ads are seen, by linking it to the geographical area you operate in
  •          You can determine at what times the ads are visible

The way to get space is to bid for it, although search engines will not just give space to the highest figure; if two bids are similar it will also make a judgement based on the quality, relevance and reliability of your keywords and content.

PPC can work very well with other forms of digital marketing. For example, if you can capture email addresses through this activity, this gives you leads for an email marketing campaign. PPC on social media can be a part of a wider campaign of social media activity.

What can we do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we can help you devise the PPC campaign that is right for you. That means helping you choose the correct platform as well as how much budget to spend, when to launch the campaign and how PPC might fit in with other tools designed to help you grow and enjoy an increased return on investment, such as organic SEO, social media marketing and email marketing. Check below the list of  our PPC channels  and services that we cover:


Google Ads



Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads, Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter)


Other third-party platforms (Bespoke)

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