Business Strategy

Marketing is vital to help any business succeed, but it must be aligned firmly with your business strategy. 

Having a clear business strategy is vital if your firm is going to succeed. At the same time, because you need a strong brand and a coherent marketing strategy, it is vital to take a holistic approach to this and bring them all together.

Several key elements are vital to a successful business strategy:

  • You must have very clear goals 
  • You must have a clear plan of how to realise your goals
  • You should be prepared to invest financially where necessary
  • You should set priorities for each stage of your plan
  • You need your staff to be fully aware of your plans and buy into them
  • You must be prepared to make changes to the plan if required
  •  Understand what the competition is doing  

These different factors will form the foundation of the strategy, ensuring you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, how, as well as what steps you need to take it. 

A key issue is to remember the phrase ‘don’t try to run before you can walk’. If you are a new firm or are doing something different from what you have previously done, it is important not to try to do everything at once, but to implement every step stage by stage. 

For example, there is no use in recruiting new staff to perform a role before that part of the business is established.

Your business strategy should also be reflected in your marketing efforts. 

  • If you are expanding into a new area of business, your marketing campaign should focus on what you are going to offer your potential clients in this area
  • You need to develop a ‘buyer persona’ of your target market
  • A new business venture means seeking customers who might know little about you
  • Using paid search such as pay-per-click advertising can be a great way to bring in new leads

How we can help 

At BeUniqueness, we understand how important it is for small and medium-sized businesses to make a success of their growth plans. That is why having an ambitious but realistic business plan is crucial. 

We can help by providing growth, sales and marketing strategies that fit with these plans to help your firm fulfil its ambitions and enjoy healthy growth. With our free assessments of your performance, reputation and competition, we can ensure that our services to you fit exactly with your business needs.

In addition, our customised Business Strategy can Include

  • Brand Position - This describes what your organisation does and for whom
  • Brand Personality - This describes what your organisation wants its brand to be known for
  • Brand Elements - Including spokespeople, signage, name, logos, symbols, URLs and slogan
  • Brand Promise - Settle on the key service or product that your business promises to deliver to its customers
  • Brand Essence - Assist you with differentiating yourself from your competitors
  • Brand Benefits Design and work in the benefits that your business offers to customers