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eCRM packages (monthly-basis)

Package names Freebies BeUniqueness Small/Startup Firm Medium Firm
I want to Enjoy free services as part of my deal Customise my own services based on my own needs Build Brand Awareness Generate Leads & More
Promotions & Discounts
Guaranteed Results Bespoke Bespoke Website optimisation, Increase Social media engagement and boost brand awareness Small Firm+

Generate Leads, Increase website visits and maximise profit
Money Back Guarantee
Regular check and Review Monthly Daily Bi-weekly Weekly
Services Included Bespoke Bespoke Social media, Branding & SEO PPC, SEO, Content Creation, Blogging, PR, Email Marketing & Social media
Level of report Generic In-depth Generic In-depth
Contact support Email Email, phone, e-meeting & in-person Email & phone Email, phone & e-meeting
Price FREE Bespoke £383
Let's Do it Freebies Custom Your Package Contact Us Contact Us

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