Foot Fantastic Ltd


Foot Fantastic Ltd was set up with the aim of offering fashionable and smart shoes to both men and women, with a broad range of occasions in mind ranging from the casual to the smart and formal. The aim is to be a one-stop-shop for the footwear needs of customers. 

The aim is to be a one-stop-shop for the footwear needs of customers, with a high level of trust in the expertise of the firm to understand the needs of each and every person and circumstance.


The challenge was to increase both awareness and leads for the firm, enabling the company to establish its brand identity and grow its customer base. The client also wanted to increase their annual sales revenue through a wider platforms such as social media channels. 


Based on the client's budgets and objectives, our project involved a mix of content blogs to raise awareness, social media to increase interaction and engagement, and a PPC campaign to gain more news leads through multiple Facebook ads and Instagram ads designed for the brand.

Work Synopsis 

  • Social Media Management


These are the results we helped the client achieve compared to the last period:

  • boosted the blog viewership by over 38% in 2 days

  • E-Commerce conversion rate increased by 2.67% and transferred 562 visitors into paid customers 
  • Social engagement has been improved hugely through our customised paid ads on Instagram, receiving 416 likes within one week