James Smith

Head, Content Marketing department
Strategizing a range of white papers, eBooks, landing pages, website copy, email copy, strategy document, and positioning statements to blog posts (and facilitating the production) is what he's meant to do at BeUniqueness. Moreover, he plans and designs site content, style, and layout in collaboration with members of the DFYA AND DFYE teams.

He worked nonstop as a telemarketer (awful) while also attending a full-time graduate school Programme. After trying to fit in with other organizations, he realized he needed something like him.
That's when he landed at BeUniqueness. Here, he climbed towards the Senior Content Marketer position, followed by leading the department - something he has always wanted. Here, he's been able to help himself, and the company grow (and all the clients with it)!

Favourite Quote

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make” – Les Brown