Mohamed Elhawary (AKA Alchemist Entrepreneur)

As Mohamed is equipped with a strong foundation of aptitude, attitude, and awareness in the sector, he decided to build his own digital marketing and branding enterprise that will revolutionise the digital marketing industry. He has also handled marketing, branding, sales & market research projects for Global firms such as ZARA, Wall-cornetto, Lego, and many other multinational firms. The moniker "The Alchemist Speaker" was bestowed upon me by my audience for several reasons. Firstly, my background in pharmacy school has contributed to this title. Additionally, the way I engage and connect with my audience resembles that art, emphasising interactive and transformative interactions.
Mohamed is the founder of BeUniqueness. Since its inception, Mo &  his team have been helping entrepreneurs to build, manage, and advertise their brands. Whether it’s e-commerce, marketing agencies, lead generation based businesses, or otherwise, their work spans across many different niches.

As a result, soon after starting BeUniqueness Ltd, he became the finalist for Young – Director North West in the UK. And in a short few months, hi & his beloved team had helped dozens of clients achieve unmatched results.

Unlike other agency owners, he didn’t drop out of college or get expelled or anything. He possesses a sound academic background with two Master’s Degrees (in International Marketing and International Business) and a proven track record of digital marketing and branding excellence that continuously emphasised on delivering measurable results and growth.

Mo's idea to call the company after the given name is due to the fact that everything they provide must be unique and tailored to clients' needs. Therefore, they launched several personalised programs such as Done For You Ecommerce, Done For you Agency, ICECAS, BMSL, and many others, all come with money back guarantee

So, if you are looking to scale your e-commerce business, generate Sales Qualified Leads, outshine your competitors as
an agency owner and take your small to medium-sized business to the next level, book an appointment with me right here ( 

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If I didn't reply, I'm probably helping out one of our clients or hanging with my family ;-)

See you on the other side! 😊


Favourite Quote

You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink | John Heywoods