What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn is not just a good platform for building up a business contacts network. By using LinkedIn sales navigator, firms can find potential customers and nurture leads in order to transform them into sales.

LinkedIn is a go-to site for most professionals as they look to build up relationships and keep in touch with colleagues past and present. But to restrict its use to that would be to miss some of the powerful tools the platform offers to enable firms to bring in more high-quality warm leads and nurture these to become future customers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a particularly potent tool, as it can help you achieve some very ambitious goals in your sales and marketing and minimise wasted efforts chasing leads that turn out to be poor or non-existent prospects:

  •          It means you can target who you are selling to more accurately
  •          You can identify the best leads
  •          You can have a clear picture of who is interested
  •          Information on leads will stay relevant

How does LinkedIn Sales manager work?

LinkedIn Sales manager enables its users to find the sort of customers they are looking for with precision by using advanced search and filter features. These will help find good leads to start with, while extra information and insights are also provided by the platform to help understand leads further, enabling marketing content to be tailored more effectively.

Notable features and benefits of the platform include:

  •          Demarcation of personal and professional brands to enable two different areas of focus to be kept separate
  •          Access to an extended network of contacts
  •          CRM integration
  •          Real time sales updates
  •          You can see who has viewed your profile
  •          Live updates are available, such as changes in status and occupation
  •          Premium users can access lists of individuals and companies that have viewed their profile, with InMail enabling them to be contacted to establish their interest levels
  •          Access to PointDrive presentations, which can help create more attractive sales content and tracks views to show who has engaged with the content
  •          Invoicing

All this means you can not only find high-quality leads, but also target them more effectively and track their responses so that you know which leads are most worth nurturing.

How highly regarded is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The general feedback on LinkedIn Sales Navigator is highly positive. This reveals most users agree LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not just an effective tool, but the best choice for many people keen to boost their marketing return on investment with higher numbers of leads and a greater conversion rate.

For example, a study of social media reviews by Finances Online found 164 positive mentions of the system and just one negative one.

In another instance, a study by Trust Radius found that of its 552 vetted reviews of LinkedIn Sales navigator, 273 rated it at 9 or 10 out of ten and a further 205 at 7 or 8 out of 10. By contrast, only five reviews rated it at 4 or lower.

A written review of the tool by Jeff Molander of Communications Edge stated that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is definitely worth the investment, with the proviso that users will need "an effective, repeatable way to get buyers talking with you”.

He defines this as the art of using InMail to prompt users to book appointments, which means using proper content marketing techniques such as choosing to discuss a problem you can offer a solution for, rather than pushing for an appointment right away.

This overwhelming thumbs-up from users is powerful evidence that those who have invested in this package have found it to be extremely beneficial to their enterprises.

How can BeUniqueness help you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

At BeUniqueness, we seek to help our clients use the most effective tools and marketing strategy in order to generate the best return on investment. We can help you to make the most of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

·       Firstly, we can help you draft a strategy to target your audience (individuals/companies) based on the followings: relationship, Industryseniority level, title, language, company type, years in current position, years at current company, tagsgroups, business size, location, demographics and also target keywords.

  •          Next, we can send 400-800 messages, including personalised invitation & InMail messages, to your prospects. (We may send more/less. It all depend on your profile's standard engagement level, and the settings your leads have set to receive InMail/Personal Invitations from others)
  •          We will follow up accepted invitations and up to three follow-ups to prospects who have not replied
  •          Once a prospect has shown interest, we can pass the information to you
  •          In addition, a single bulk message can be sent to all your primary connections about your business

With our help, you can be sure of making the most of this powerful tool that can help bring many more clients to your business.