How can you turn interested prospects into real clients?

Getting a sales lead is good news. It means your marketing has worked in getting someone interested in your law firm’s services. But how can you turn them into actual customers?

It is always important to think of your marketing strategy as a process, particularly when operating online. This is certainly true when it comes to digital and content marketing.

This process is known as the sales journey and comes in four stages. 

The first is the awareness stage, where the potential customer first learns that your product or service exists. They may have learned about this through encountering one of your PPC adverts, reading a content marketing blog, viewing a social media post or through being targeted by email marketing. Whichever it is, the most important thing is they have shown an interest.

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Next comes the consideration stage, where the potential customer thinks about whether to make a purchase. This is the most important phase, as successfully guiding them through this determines whether you have achieved the ROI you have sought. 

The third stage is where the customer makes a buying decision, which is the ultimate aim, while the fourth is the delight stage - where an existing customer can be targeted with special offers and attractive content to help persuade them to keep coming back.

A key point with getting people through the second stage is patience. Marketers have identified what is known as the ‘Rule of Seven’, which holds that, on average, a potential customer needs to engage with marketing messages seven times before they commit to making a buying decision.

This means that if you are producing content such as news, a law marketing blog, or social media posts, this cannot be simply seek to push the potential client to commit. Instead, content needs to be interesting, thought provoking and relevant to the buyer persona. Moreover, it needs to offer links and calls to action, so the reader can find out more information and make a purchase once they are persuaded.

In the case of email marketing, a call-to-action can be particularly important, as it gives people the chance to sign up to newsletters and more emails. Their responses can help you tailor what you send to them using an email system that segments groups of clients to determine who receives what.

What services can help you get more leads?

We would recommend the following services to get more leads for your business and then turn them into customers.

  • PPC marketing is a particularly effective way of getting new leads swiftly
  • Email marketing is a great way of following up qualified leads to nudge them further along the buyer journey
  • Google Analytics can help you analyse how well your campaigns are doing in attracting new leads
What BeUniqueness can do for you

At BeUniqueness, we can offer in-depth knowledge of this process. We know full well how important it is to focus on the transition from awareness to purchase. Our tailored solutions can help you make the leads of today into the customers of tomorrow.