Finance & Accounting

Finance and accounting

The finance and accounting sector is a competitive field, but with great digital marketing you can get a real head start on your rivals.

There are a myriad of SMEs in the finance and accounting sector, which makes trying to gain custom a challenge. Traditional marketing methods are seldom effective for small firms, which is why using digital marketing is the way forward.

We can design a website for you (or redesign and existing one) and then help you make the most of it through a marketing strategy that will help you increase awareness and generate more leads from your target market.

A range of different services are available that can raise your firm’s profile and help generate new custom:

         Content marketing 
         Pay-per-click(PPC) marketing 
      Social media marketing
         Email marketing
We can help you plan the best package for your needs and align it both with the nature of your firm and those of your target market.


    What services would be best for you? 

    Indeed, by identifying the key features of the people you hope to attract to become your customers, we can devise a 'buyer persona' for you - an archetype of your typical customer based on their demographics, situation and their needs and wants. Following this, we can use a range of services in your marketing mix.

    •          We can use search engine optimisation (SEO) to help build up a web presence for you, reaching the first page of the search rankings in around six months.
    •          PPC can generate new leads swiftly and give you a presence on the first ranking page of search engines before organic content does
    •          Email marketing offers a means of directly targeting marketing material at those who fit your persona, according to where they are in the buyer journey

    What can digital marketing do for you?

    BeUniqueness can offer extensive experience through a team of marketing professionals to help you plan a digital marketing strategy that fits your needs, target market and budget. With a tailored strategy to suit you, we can help you gain a crucial edge on the competition and enjoy a healthy return on investment.