When is PPC most effective as a marketing tool?

By Charlie Britten
26 Sep 2019

Organic content is not the only kind of digital marketing through which a firm can raise is profile. But when might pay-per-click (PPC) be the best option?

There are many ways to develop a digital marketing strategy to raise the profile of your firm. But while organic SEO can increase awareness, PPC is the best way to create new leads.

PPC works by using search engine advertising platforms and social media advertising.

  • When PPC is used in search engines, these ads sit on search engine results pages alongside organic search results. Examples of this include Google Ads and Bing Ads.
  • While organic search results are created through good SEO, a PPC presence is created primarily through making a successful bid for the top position on the search page.
  • These ads are then triggered in a similar fashion to organic SEO by keyword searches. To be effective, you should make sure both short-tail and long-tail keywords are used in PPC ads.
  • When PPC is used in social media, the ad is not found through search, but is instead displayed on the social media pages of a target audience, with recipients selected on the basis of their social media activity.
  • PPC works on the basis that you only pay for each click on the advert. You can also control your monthly or weekly budget to ensure you don’t overspend on it.

Why might PPC be a better option than organic content?

There are differences between PPC and organic content marketing and the ways in which they can help your firm grow. These are important to consider when developing a content strategy.

Speed is one consideration. Building up a strong organic presence in search engines takes time. While tapping into the expertise of agencies with knowledge of SEO can accelerate this process and increase its effectiveness, PPC offers a fast-track route to getting noticed.

A key advantage of PPC is that it can go further than creating brand awareness in the way organic content does. Once someone clicks on an ad, they become an identifiable lead you can follow up.

Why does good quality matter?

However, it is worth noting that achieving success still requires good quality content, particularly if there is significant competition for the top PPC ad spots.

  • Rather than everything being decided by a bidding war that might push everyone way over budget, other factors feed into search engine algorithms.
  • This takes into account factors like the relevance of your ad, your landing page experience and the click-through rate. The higher it is, the better your chances of getting ahead of your close competitors.
  • Other elements that can help include ad extensions, which provide supplementary information. Search engines like Google tend to look very positively on these additions, as they will tell potential clients more about your services.

How can you target who sees your ads?

PPC also offers great opportunities for targeting, based not just on keyword but factors like location and time scheduling. So, for example, if you are a firm operating in one particular town or city, you can ensure your ad only shows up in the local area.  

This way, you are not paying for clicks made by people who might be seeking the kind of services you provide but live somewhere else. Not only does it save you a payment, but it creates a better user experience for those searching for services, as they will be more likely to click on ads if they can find something geographically relevant.

If you want to fast-track your search profile, have the budget to do it but want to control what you spend, PPC may be a great option for you.


How can PPC fit into your wider marketing strategy?

The younger your company is, the more effective PPC has the potential to be.

  • This is because you will have had little time to build up a brand reputation or nurture an existing client base.
  • Of course, there is no reason not to combine PPC with organic content to help create both awareness and leads. If your blog writers produce some excellent optimised content, you will eventually find you are regularly hitting the first rankings page in both ways.
  • What matters most is finding the best digital marketing strategy for your firm, so it is important to assess carefully what benefits PPC may bring you.

What can BeUniqueness do to help you with PPC?

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive experience in digital marketing. In devising a content strategy for you, we can help you decide whether PPC is the best option for your firm to help raise awareness, create leads and develop custom, generating a better return on investment as a result.