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Why lead generation is important to grow your law firm

Law firms face many challenges in marketing, but ultimately your goal is to bring in as many clients as you can.   

To do that, you must first generate leads: These are potential clients who you can then use further marketing to provide them with good reasons to make you their service provider of choice.  

Without getting leads to begin with, you won’t get many customers. It is important to remember that for most people, the buyer journey is a lengthy one. Most people do not buy in response to the initial marketing, but instead need to encounter a marketing message an average of seven times before they make a buying decision.

Who are you targeting?

There are various ways to generate leads, but the first thing to do is to work out exactly who you should target with the first stage of marketing. The crucial first stage of work before the start of any marketing campaign is to understand and define what type of lead you are looking for to generate. There is no point attracting leads whose needs and problems are not the ones your firm is geared up to solve. 

It’s a similar approach when it comes to reach your potential clients online, you need to know your buyer persona, and understand what they need and want.

The buyer persona features several elements:

  •          Demographic details such as age, sex and ethnicity
  •          For B2B clients, the kind of company it is will be significant
  •          Most important is the need they have that you will be able to fulfil

How to generate more leads for your law firm

There are several tools that are particularly useful in helping generate leads for you firm. The following tools can make a crucial difference:

  • Blogging and Content marketing - help increase awareness of your firm, its services and how it can help solve people’s needs and problems  
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads: The most effective way to generate new leads, not least as these can be followed up using customer contact details.
  • Social media marketing - Connect with large audiences through interaction, posts, video and PPC ads
  • Email marketing - This can help turn cold leads into warm ones by following up initial interest with marketing emails aimed at people who are at the awareness stage. Subsequent emails will help the consideration
Of all these, PPC is the most direct means of generating leads. PPC works on the basis that you bid for space on a search engine or social media site, then only pay when someone clicks. You can control your daily or weekly budget to ensure you don’t end up paying more than you expected if a lot of people see your ad and like what they see. 

What happens next?

Any lead generation work is just the start of the sales process. Just as importantly, you need a clear marketing strategy that helps turn leads into customers. 

As mentioned above, Email marketing works on a very clear strategy of targeting people at various stages of the buyer journey. Similarly, email marketing and good content can also help steer people through the process.  

By combining an effective lead generation strategy with a plan to help turn those leads into real customers, your firm can enjoy impressive growth and a great return on marketing investment. 

What can BeUniqueness do to help? 

Our B2B lead generation service is tailored for law firms, in order to deliver a high-quality marketing solution to help you reach new clients online quickly and attract potential clients to purchase your legal services.

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive experience in helping law firms grow through digital marketing strategies. To generate more leads and attract potential clients who are highly interested in purchasing your legal service, we can help you decide which marketing solution is the best option for your law firm. 

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Manchester, you can trust BeUniqueness, to manage your online performance, generate more leads and boost sales, leaving you to concentrate on your core tasks and specialisms. 

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