SEO Best Practices For Your eCommerce Store: A 2023 guide

By Khizra Aamir
29 Dec 2022

With the growing challenges and online competition, you need to make sure that your SEO methods are aligned with the current and up-to-date best SEO practices. If applied carefully and strategically, SEO can help you stand out from your competition for that you have to dedicate your time to figure out how to amp up your SEO game to rank higher in the search engine.

However, it can get complex sometimes as new changes occur in the SEO industry very often. If you’re always up to date and make sure you follow updated SEO best practices, it becomes easier to stand out, beat the competition, and generate maximum revenue.

To help you stay updated and practice the best SEO strategies, we’ve collected a definitive guide and tricks that actually boost your traffic in 2023.

  1. Optimize your website for Google Discover

Google discover appears on Google’s home page for mobile users. It improvises user search activities to understand their interest and preferences. This significantly increases traffic on your website and connects you with millions of potential prospects. 

You can optimize your website for:

  • Focusing on excellent visuals as recommended by google.
  • Integrate high-quality and well-optimized videos as they change the algorithm
  • Optimize your website for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 

  1. Featured Snippet

In 2023, improve search engine ranking for a featured snippet as a part of your marketing strategy as they appear at the top of search queries. It helps answer user intent in a more enhanced way as it benefits organic searches by gaining more attention and clicks.

You can optimize for featured snippets by:

  • Doing an appropriate keyword search and question-type search
  • Getting inspiration from the ‘people also ask for’ section to know what else to cover
  • Using inverted-pyramid style to land snippets
  • Follow an optimal word count of 40-50
  1. Focus on the core web vitals

The core web vitals maintains the quality of user experience. The 3 core web vitals are:

  1. Largest contentful paint (|LCP) 

This measures the website speed and denotes the time taken to load, incorporating lighter elements to improve the speed of the website as it is an essential of user experience.

  1. First INput Display (FID)

This caters to the input-receiving items like scroll or lead form to load and become visible. Heavy themes sabotage user experience.

  1. Cumulative layout shift (CLS)

This refers to the instability of website elements. It happens when visitors can get tricked into clicking spam links which hinder the user experience.

4. BERT Algorithm 

BERT is a new Google algorithm. It impacts 10% of search queries. Implementing these will bring the blog post to the top when someone searches for you. This is an AI-driven system that focuses on topics instead of individual words which improves your readability and accessibility

You can optimize your website for BERT by:

  • Short and compact content
  • Focus on On-page SEO
  • Using easy-to-understand language

5. Run a branded link-building strategy

Your link-branding strategy creates links that are natural to your brand. You can implement them by:

  • Brand mentions: The more you get mentioned and featured the more you’ll get the chance to present yourself to a vast target audience.
  • Directory sites: Search for directories around your country or location that mention brands like yours
  • Resource pages: Find pages that link to brands like yours and reach out asking for a link

6. Write magnetic meta descriptions

A meta description is an HTML meta tag used to describe a page’s content. It acts as a mini-ad, promoting a page’s value proposition and inciting a user to click on it.

Optimize your pages with low CTR and high volume clicks and impressions. These tips will help you write compelling meta descriptions:

  • Add your keyword to the meta description
  • Focus on the benefits
  • Use natural language
  • Be specific
  • Use a captivating CTA

5. Regular SEO Audits

SEO audits will help you achieve your goals by mankind sure everything is working as planned. It’ll help find errors and rectify them. This helps you make your web page free from silly mistakes and errors that hinder the quality of your content.

Tools like SEMush can be used for SEO audits.

Seo provides more predictable and cost-effective traffic. It can have a strong impact on your revenue, brand awareness, and brand trust if you take the time to invest in it. It is a stable way to attract high-intent prospects to your website. Since it’s reliable and costs way less than paid Ads that don't guarantee results, an effective SEO strategy will create a much stronger foundation for your business in the long term,

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