How To Perform Remarketing? A step-by-step Guide For Your eCommerce Store

By Khizra Aamir
29 Dec 2022

Only 2-4% of site visits result in transactions. This is because shoppers are flooded with choices. They get easily distracted and lost with thousands of other options they have. That is why eCommerce brands are tasked with winning back shoppers who have shown interest in their products in the past. And in order to do this, remarketing is a way to go.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing campaigns are designed to display ads to potential customers who visited your site and left without taking any action, whether that’s by browsing a product category, adding an item to their cart, or visiting a landing page without signing up for a newsletter.

Remarketing uses that information to serve them ads on social media, google, and other sites to encourage them to buy the product.

It is a second chance to convert and a partially useful method for re-engaging past customers and reminding them why they chose you in the first place.

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing tracks the user data to understand where shoppers have been on your site and what action they have taken and where they left their journey. The campaigns are incredibly targeted and personalized.

Retargeted shoppers are more likely to convert by 43% and three out of five online users notice ads showing products they previously viewed, which is why remarketing is so an effective and powerful tool for online businesses.

4 types of remarketing campaigns:

Your remarketing strategy depends on what you want to achieve, the type of customers you want to reach, what stage they’re in the buying cycle and how to reach out to them in a more personalized way

You can 4 different types of marketing campaigns

  1. Standard Marketing

This type of marketing tracks your visitors as they surf the web and if they have visited your website in the last couple of weeks. It uses pixel tags and cookie data to track your target audience.

You can use a text ad on google, an email, or a social media Ad to remarket yourself by showing a selection of your products to the user who has visited your website in the last few days.

  1. Dynamic marketing

This type drills down into the exact product a visitor has viewed on your site or added to their cart. It then displays those dynamic ads showing that particular product. This is a very effective way of remarking however to run this type of marketing campaign through Google, social media, or mail, you need to have a product feed to the platform you want to serve ads on.

  1. Display remarketing

Display marketing technique tracks customers who have recently shown interest in your brand and products and have not made any decision to buy your product yet.

It serves those customers with visual ads of your brand when they surf the website that is a part of the Google display network.

This can encourage previous website visitors to sign up for a trial.

  1. Search remarketing

This is the quickest way to grab the attention of past visitors in search engines. It automatically customizes your ads based on the past browsing behavior of website visitors. 

If someone visited a specific product page without purchasing, remarketing will serve them PPC results that mention the product page.

Platforms that help you in remarketing

1. Google Ad manager provides a range of tools for creating Ads, developing custom reports, and automated bidding, along with dynamic remarketing that surfaces content without the need of creating individual Ads.

2. Facebook Custome Audiences feature allows you to capitalize on the presence of 1 billion active users.

This tool helps you create custom audience segments that drive from key customer data such as demographics, psychographics, and past browsing behaviors

3. Mailchimp offers retargeting solutions that lean heavily on email for marketing. They provide analytics to help you refine marketing strategy and tools to create elements such as landing pages for customer acquisition.


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