Beginner’s Guide: 8 social media mistakes to avoid in 2022

By Sadaf Batool
29 Nov 2022



Every marketer wants to get their brand out there in front of as many eyeballs as possible. To do that we leverage the power of social media. But what we don’t know is that it can boost or bust our marketing success.

In the world of social media, marketers know that constant change is the only thing they need to be careful about. Algorithms, APIs to features, and best posting times, all change over time.


Yesterday’s best practices could be today’s faux pas and it’s better that we’re aware of what to do and what to avoid this year so that your following doesn't dwindle by the day.

Have no fear, we’ve got your back.

We’ve put together the list of the most common mistakes to say bye to in 2022 and turn your social media miseries into social media magic that doesn't cost you your reach, engagement, followers, and customers.

No social media strategy:

Social media can be a waste of time and budget without a focused strategy. An effective social media strategy is not just about posting 5 days a week. It’s about setting clear goals, matching tasks to these goals then assigning metrics by which you’ll measure your success. You should define the target audience you’re trying to reach and develop a multi-platform marketing strategy.

Not establishing your goals and KPIs

You don't want to sail a ship into open waters without a planned route or a navigation system. Each post should have a SMART goal assigned to it so that they have a clear purpose, easier for you to brainstorm content, and makes your call to action more precise. Design trackable measurable campaigns to see whether your campaign is achieving your goals or not. It would help you make adjustments along the way to optimize results.

No engagement with followers and communities

Without engagement, your social media would soon turn into a barren lifeless desert.

You make the most fatal mistake when you don’t interact with your followers. Only talking about yourself and Ignoring comments, questions, or posts from customers will drop off your engagement drastically. Not responding can damage the reputation of your brand and customer service and you risk losing customers and prospects.

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Straying away from your brand style

Imagine you managed to land new potential customers on your social media page but when they arrive they’re confused if it’s really your business or not due to a bucketload of fake profiles out there. Avoid this by including your business logo in your profile, keeping your brand identity consistent and aligned with your brand colors, and using the correct tone so that you do not look spammy.

Posting too little or too often

There’s a flip side to posting too frequently or too less. It’s better you make a scheduled post. Don’t over-post and overwhelm your followers. Be selective about what you’re publishing and embrace quality over quantity. Posting less would result in less engagement, again hurting your channel. The best practice is to post 2-3 times a week on Instagram. 1-2 times a day on Facebook, 3-5 on Twitter, and 1 time a day on LinkedIn.

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Posting without proofreading 

When it comes to social media, even a small typo can require some damage control. Double-check your copy, consider sensitive content from every angle, engage a proofreader get your spelling and grammar checked, and when necessary run certain posts by a legal consultant. Apart from that ensure that the links work, data points are accurate, the length is appropriate with the guidelines and most importantly your brand voice is consistent and relevant to the audience. Writing 10/10 is impossible but these 8 top proofreading tips for your social media will help you eliminate your mistakes.

Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC)

Nothing’s better than showing your audience the human side of your brand that helps in building trust with you. A UGC includes images, videos, reviews, and tests that your audience is interested in influencing the buying decision of your potential customers.

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Not evolving your strategy

A strategy is not a lengthy action plan. It is an evolution of the central idea through continually changing circumstances. In order to stay ahead of the competition we must keep innovating and adapting to new trends and tools that make our brand more user-friendly. Leverage social media technological updates regularly such as new features of Instagram stories, reels, youtube shorts, Snapchat filters, and Pinterest updated boards to keep up with the changing demand of your audience.


Establishing social media presence is not an overnight task and takes more than a haphazard approach to succeed. Take social media as a valuable marketing channel and create an umbrella strategy with various platforms and channels for your business.

Define best practices, and create innovative campaigns and automation tools to track, monitor, and execute your social media campaigns to get the most out of them.

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