Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media offers a huge opportunity to grow your firm if used in the right way, but this needs to be done with knowledge and skill to get the best results.

Most firms have a social media profile and this does offer a range of potential benefits, including content marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and creating new means of staying in touch with potential and existing clients.

However, most firms do not go this far and sometimes their presence is a token one. That will do little or nothing to help raise awareness, generate leads or enhance customer service.

What social media management can do for you?

What social media management can do is help ensure you make the best use of social media with a well-organised schedule of activities that can encompass a range of activities:

  •           Planning campaigns
  •           Producing and posting regular content with good SEO
  •           Interacting with clients and leads on a regular basis
  •           Analysing Data to help show what is working and what is not
  • Social media tracking to help you identify new opportunities 

By doing all this, you can have a comprehensive plan to maximise your social media presence. This will enable you to establish a far more dynamic online presence than your competitors and grow your firm more as a result.

How to engage on social media?

Engaging with existing and potential customers on social media is very important. By its very nature social media is designed to be interactive and there are many gains to be made from this.

  •           Happy customers can come on your site and sing your praises
  •           Feedback from an unhappy customer gives you an opportunity to identify their issue and resolve it - and doing so successfully will create a positive impression
  •           You can answer queries from curious potential customers
  •           You can use conversations to help promote further services

What BeUniqueness can do to help?

With BeUniqueness on board, you can approach your use of social media with confidence that your activity will be planned and managed in a way that will enhance your reputation, steer potential clients through the buyer journey and tie in your social media activity with other digital marketing efforts such as content marketing and email. Our SMM service covers all the following channels:



LinkedIn (We can also manage your LinkedIn sales Navigator or create one from scratch)



With our expertise helping you make the most of social media, you can focus on your specialisms in the knowledge that you have embarked on a path to strong growth with more clients to work with.