8 Proven Email Marketing Best Practices That Turn Campaigns Into Sales

By Armash Kamal
29 Nov 2022




4 out of 5 marketers say they’d rather give up social media than However many business owners do not take advantage of email marketing best practices which decreases their chances of success.

Sending a mail or two is easy but a long-term email strategy can grow your business exponentially. Here are some email marketing best practices you can follow to kick off your campaigns this year.

Focus on personalization

72% of the consumers say that they only engage with an email if it’s directly aimed at them.

Batch or blast emails just aren’t going to cut it. When you personalize your content and your subject lines you are increasing your chances of creating a connection with your customers on a human level- which increases your click-through rate and opens.

Split-test your subject lines and CTA

A/B testing puts your hypothesis to the test. It can improve your digital marketing content. With A/B testing you can compare different elements of your email send-out to see which performs the best and can understand your target audience’s behavior well.


Here’s a list of different elements you can experiment with an A/B test:

  • Headline
  • Preview text
  • CTA button
  • Visuals
  • Copy

Time your email marketing well

Studies show that the best time to send email varies across different locations, industries, and audiences but when done right, it results in greater open and click-through rates, Optimization algorithms such as GetResponse Perfect Timing can help you adjust the send-time for each individual subscriber automatically based on their previous behavior.

Write compelling but concise subject lines

Make sure your subject lines are enticing enough that forces your reader to open your mail. They should be no more than 6-10 words as the email providers cut the subject lines as it goes beyond the limit so your message would be left incomplete. 

Add a sense of urgency, let them know what’s ahead, and stay original. 

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Consider your preview text

When a subject line is your title, a preview text is your subtitle. If your subject line fails to impress your subscriber, the preview text will do the job. Don't default to preview text that pulls in preheader text or the first line of your mail. Instead, customize your preview text and choose a line that coaxes readers toward reading what you have to say. Take advantage of the preview text to tell what’s in the mail for them and entice them to click and read the mail.

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Use audience segmentation

Leverage the ability to send tailored emails through audience segmentation that yields more targeted and granular campaigns. Studies show that segmented campaigns are more effective than non-demented campaigns. B2B isn't interested in one size fits all email campaign therefore segment your audience based on interest.

Tools like Pardot’s engagement studio allow you to send automated emails based on subscriber behavior.

Regularly clean your email list

If a significant amount of your list has not engaged with your content for months, it’s time to re-arrange them or unsubscribe them from your list in order to maintain an engaged list. This gives you a more accurate email open rate and keeps your email campaign clean of people who are no longer interested in hearing from you.

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Keep CTAs and important info above the fold

Inboxes are overwhelmed with promotions so why should they click through on yours?  In order for your email to be effective, you should come to your point fast. You have to make sure you are explaining the main value proposition in the first section of the email and including a clean call-to-action without making everyone scroll.

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Key Takeaway:

When you solidify your email marketing campaign by following the best practices, you are bound to achieve your campaign goals, and make readers more willing to get to the end of the message or click to your website. By approaching email marketing with intention, every send-out is an opportunity to turn an email to an inbox into an interest in your business.

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