Traffic Solicitors

Traffic Solicitors

How can social media marketing can help traffic solicitors?

Most law firms have some kind of social media presence, but many do not realise how powerful a marketing tool this can be.

There will be many small and medium law firms who are experiencing some disappointment after establishing themselves on a social media page. The effort may have had little or no impact on the number of new leads and clients they are getting as a result.

Other firms may have no social media presence at all and will wonder what impact, if any, this can make.

Why social media offers a wide range of opportunities?

For traffic law solicitors, the answer is that social media can have a major effect when used properly, not least because most platforms have millions of users. The following are all ways you may be able to use social media more effectively:

  •   Produce optimised content and videos for marketing campaigns and raising awareness
  •   PPC advertising
  •   Provide a platform for interaction with clients and potential clients, so you are not just talking to them, but having two-way conversations
  •   You can match up your social media usage to your target market.

The last of these involves establishing a buyer persona. Consider who the people are who would be most likely to use certain services. This may be influenced by a range of factors such as:

  •   Age
  •   Sex
  •   Income
  •   Profession
  •   Nationality 

Many of these will be particularly useful for traffic law solicitors. For example, younger male drivers are the most likely to be involved in a road accident, while professionals on higher incomes or people who drive for a living may be willing to pay more to a solicitor to help them avoid a driving ban.

How to target your buyer persona?

With these and other factors in mind, you can match up your social media marketing with your persona. That means producing the kind of material that is designed to appeal to the persona, but also using the social media platforms they would use.

For example, if your persona is likely to be male, professional and over 40, LinkedIn will be a very good place to target, whereas Instagram - used disproportionately by a young and female audience - is not.

Further to this, you may find using multiple platforms is a great way of reaching social media users in different ways. For example, short and snappy posts work for Twitter, while Video is perfect for YouTube.

What BeUniqueness can do to improve your strategy?

At BeUniqueness, we can help you devise a powerful social media strategy designed to find and use the right social media platforms for your law firm. In doing so, we will help you reach your target audience more easily and enjoy a better return on investment as a result.