How can your firm reach millennials?

The changing nature of communications means younger people are more likely to be reached online.

If your content marketing is not reaching younger people, there is sure to be trouble. For one thing, it means a significant segment of your potential market may be lost because you are not reaching them with your current marketing strategy. In addition, if you do not adjust to this then you are unlikely to reach them in the future either.

Why you need to understand millennials

The most important thing to remember about the millennial generation is that it is the first that has never known a world without the internet. To them, using digital technology regularly is the norm

Secondly, it is important to remember that this demographic is significantly different to those who are now middle aged. Compared with their parents’ generation at the same age, millennials are:

  • Less likely to be homeowners
  • Less likely to be Married or parents
  • More likely to be university educated
These are just some of many differences between generations.  This means there are two key elements to consider when devising a marketing strategy to reach young people. Every coherent marketing strategy will have a 'buyer persona' - an archetypal representation of the kind of customer you want to attract. In this case, it would be likely to include some of the characteristics mentioned above, plus perhaps some specific elements that relate closely to the kind of services you provide.

Once you have that persona in place, you can focus your marketing efforts on the right digital strategy.  Content writers must produce relevant blogs and news, while social media is particularly important due to its high level of usage by young people.

However, using social media effectively does not simply mean jumping onto any platform. Consideration does need to be given to which ones are used. For example, Instagram has a young user demographic, but it is also disproportionately female. Depending on who you want to target, this may or may not be a wise choice.

Facebook is still the most commonly used social media platform and it remains a good place to reach younger people, although its overall user demographic has aged in recent years. That, however, is primarily due to its increasing use by those of middle age and older.

What kind of services can help you? 

To help improve your sales, we would recommend the following to help you enjoy exciting company growth:

         Social media management: This will help you reach more of your customer base, especially when it is predominantly young
         Email marketing: This is a very effective way of nudging leads down the buyer journey to the point where they are ready to make a purchasing decision
         Analytics: These can help you assess what impact various parts of your sales and marketing strategy are having  
         Branding: The stronger, more popular and distinct your identity, the greater your sales will be
Why BeUniqueness can help you sell more 

At BeUniqueness we can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to fit with the attitudes and lifestyles of younger people. This will help ensure that you target exactly the right people in the right way to generate far more leads for your firm.