Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Why content marketing can change the fortunes of injury solicitors?

Content marketing offers injury solicitors a great opportunity to raise awareness of their services with a strongly targeted campaign.

Personal injury solicitors will often find their services are in demand as members of the public seek recompense for a range of occurrences from traffic accidents to injuries sustained in incidents on public premises.

However, while demand is high, so too is competition - which is why your firm could benefit from gaining an edge through content marketing.

Small and medium-sized law firms have found that traditional marketing methods have been very poor at delivering returns in recent years, but content marketing offers an effective and powerful alternative.

It sells indirectly because:

  •     It consists of news, blogs and other pieces that focus on the broad subject in question.
  •     An example of a blog would be one focused on injury claims. It could discuss a topic like various ways of getting compensation and what     can be claimed for.
  •     It does not attempt to secure a purchase at the first time of asking.

Good content must retain the interest of readers and keep them coming back for more. Research has shown someone needs to encounter a marketing message an average of seven times before committing to a purchase, one reason the gradual impact of content raises the chances of turning an interested person into a real customer.

Content marketing uses search engine optimisation (SEO) to help raise the likelihood of your content being found by people seeking injury solicitors. By using relevant keywords that will appear in their searches, your content will become more prominent and easier to find.

Of course, most of the keywords you use will be very common search terms, which means competition is stiff for the first page of search rankings. This is where you need your content to be, as most people using search engines do not go past the first page.

For this reason, content needs to be consistent and the SEO boosted through other factors. This includes:

  •      Quality and relevance
  •      Good pictures or video
  •      Powerful backlinks to authoritative sites elsewhere.

This can help build up your search ranking over time, while the consistent production of good content can help steer your reader along the buyer journey. Starting with the growth of awareness, it can then help them move through the consideration phase through to the final purchase of your services.  

How we can help

At BeUniqueness, we know how good content writing can make a great difference. By providing attractive and compelling content for you, we can help give you a crucial edge on your competitors in a crowded marketplace.