How a strong marketing strategy can help an SME legal firm stand out

There are many SME law firms in every town and city, but with the right digital marketing strategy yours can stand out from the crowd.

The legal sector is a very crowded market and it is not surprising that SME firms can find it a challenge to make an impact and stand out from their rival.

However, a powerful digital marketing strategy can make a larger difference than some might imagine.

  • Research has shown that traditional marketing does not help smaller law firms and offers a poor return on investment, but there are alternatives that can suit even limited budgets and generate a great return.  
  • Digital marketing has the power to reach potential clients in a way that obsolete tools like billboards or newspaper ads can’t. It can help increase awareness of your firm whatever its size, generate and identify leads, and take steps to follow up those leads in order to help turn potential customers into actual ones.
  • Furthermore, digital marketing can be integrated with a social media presence that not only provides marketing in its own right, but also creates a platform for interaction with customers and opportunities to provide an enhanced service.

Above all, digital marketing can help tell your firm’s story, highlight your unique selling points, develop your brand image and show the world why you do what you do.

BeUniqueness can provide a range of digital marketing tools to generate a great return on investment and transform your fortunes through a raised profile and powerful brand.

What can BeUniqueness’s digital marketing strategy do for your legal firm?

  •          Customise a solution to suit you, including some free services
  •          Gain new leads for your firm and help you nurture these to generate custom
  •          Our branding services can help build up customer loyalty and develop your firm’s identity
  •          Highlight your unique selling point

We also offer a money-back guarantee, something no other digital marketing firm serving the legal sector does. Quite simply, if we promise to deliver something, don’t manage to do so and it was our fault, you end up paying nothing at all.  

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Which services might provide the best combination for a law firm?

A digital marketing strategy can include many elements: The right package for you may differ from others. For this reason, we offer the option of tailoring your marketing mix to suit your firm and its target market.

         Content marketing such as blogs and news, which uses search engine optimisation to raise awareness of your firm and its services
         PPC marketing to gain new leads swiftly
         Social media management to help increase engagement and interaction
         Email marketing to target your leads and help them move closer to making a positive buyer decision
         We can use tools like Google Analytics to check your performance and find out where you can make enhancements

What can we do for you?

BeUniqueness can offer a wealth of marketing experience, including the knowledge that every firm is different. That’s why it is possible to select the mixture of services from us that is best suited to provide the solution for your firm’s needs as part of a detailed content strategy.