Fashion & Design

How great branding and marketing can help fashion and design firms

Fashion and Design is one of the biggest parts of the ecommerce sector, which means you need a strong branding and marketing strategy to keep up with the competition.

The fashion and design sector is one of the biggest in Ecommerce, with the global value of the sector set to grow from $533 billion in 2018 to $872 billion in 2023, according to Statistica.

As one of the largest Ecommerce markets in the world, the UK will take up a large slice of that figure, so there are great opportunities for firms that can establish a strong brand reputation and use the most effective digital marketing strategies. 

Why do you need strong branding?

Beuniqueness can offer branding services to help you highlight your firm’s personality, unique selling points and position as the provider of the items your target market is looking for.

The branding services on offer recognisewhat really matters in a brand:

  •          Logos and slogans matter, but they are not everything, because although they create brand recognition, they do not develop loyalty or a positive reputation 
  •          The most important thing is your identity - what people say about you when you are not in the room
  •          A successful brand establishes itself as the sole provider of it’s customer’s needs and wants

What can digital marketing do to turn your brand into a favourite?

A strong brand name is a powerful asset in marketing, which can be highlighted in a range of ways through digital marketing techniques.

         Content marketing, which can increase brand awareness
         Social media marketing, which can generate interaction and target certain demographics to produce leads and awareness
         Email marketing, which can highlight the strengths of a brand as well as being filtered to target specific markets.
         E-Commerce influencers - Influencers can make a huge impact in fashion. We can help get you top influencers in this field
         Web Survey - How good is your fashion website? Find out what your customers think of your website and business
         SMS marketing - You can promote your ecommerce fashion business through sending notifications, reminders and more to potential customers  

Other significant elements of a firm’s identity that can help boost its brand and increase its marketing appeal include unique selling points. These may range from ethical commitments involving the production of fashion items to unusual special offers, but it is something a strong digital marketing strategy will highlight.

How can BeUniqueness help?

With an experienced team that understands the power of digital marketing and a strong brand name, BeUniqueness can help you develop your brand presence and appeal strongly to your target market.