Estate Planning

Estate Planning

How can good content marketing persuade people to make plans for their estates?

Wills and probate solicitors will be all too familiar with the problems faced when people die intestate, as all kinds of protracted and troublesome legal cases can arise as a consequence.

However, while making wills and establishing extensive estate plans is the sensible thing to do, the reality is that law firms and charities face an uphill battle in persuading people to make provisions for their assets after they die. Research has shown that fewer than half of adults in the UK have a will, although the number has risen in the past few years.

Whether it is complacency, a reluctance to discuss issues surrounding death, or a genuine but erroneous belief that a will is not necessary, many are still holding back from making the kind of plans they should have in place.

This is one reason good legal content marketing can play a very positive role in an online marketing strategy for wills and probate solicitors.

Well-optimised, eye-catching content can help alert and educate people of the need to take action to ensure that in the event of their death, their wishes regarding the disposal of their estate can be upheld. This can prevent potential family disputes over everything from the details of the funeral ceremony to who inherits what.

Such content can help advise people of crucial facts that they may not be aware of, such as the reality that getting married invalidates an existing will, or that an unmarried partner will not automatically inherit money and assets.

Of course, you will want to bring in new clients, so a good marketing campaign should use content to attract prospects to use services such as will writing software.

To be effective, content marketing will also need to be directed at a character persona, an archetype representing the target market.

In the case of wills and estate planning, it may seem that everybody is in the target market as all will die one day. However, it can be particularly effective to target content at certain groups who may be less likely to make plans for their estates, such as those who do not have dependent children or are not homeowners.      

At BeUniqueness, we know how to use our expertise in providing SEO for law firms to produce effective, optimised content marketing that is focused on your target audience, its needs and its concerns. This will help you bring in many more clients who are attracted to your services and understand the need to make provisions for their estates.