SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an alternative channel to send automated marketing messages to people, helping you target your leads with tailored and powerful adverts.

There are now several ways of contacting people directly by electronic means, but SMS marketing (text messages) can be one of the most effective and powerful

Like email marketing, it can focus on leads who have agreed to sign up to receive marketing messages from you. However, its focus is clearly on those who use their mobile phones a lot, since it is not something people can receive by other means.

What is SMS marketing about?

  • SMS marketing can offer some advantages over email marketing:
  •          People tend to receive fewer texts than email overall, so there is less chance of it not being seen
  •          Mobile phone users likely to have an alert on their phone that informs them whenever a message comes in, whereas someone will have to deliberately log onto their emails
  •          Because mobile phone users are alerted about texts, they are likely to see the message sooner and thus respond more swiftly
  •          Texts can be sent to people when they are in close geographical proximity to the goods or services that are being promoted, such as when the recipient is just around the corner from a shop.

How does SMS marketing help you target customers?

At the same time, SMS messaging shares some of the advantages of email marketing, such as targeting and segmentation using known details about the consumer that fit the buyer persona you wish to target. These include:

  •          What their needs and wants are
  •          Demographic details such as age, sex and family situation
  •          What stage they are at in the buyer journey
  •          It can also seek further custom from existing or previous customers

Because these SMS messages will only be sent to those who have consented to it, they will be leads you have some information about. This will be very useful to you and also avoid a situation in which the recipient is receiving something unsolicited.

Who can benefit from SMS marketing?

The benefits of SMS marketing can be used by a large number of different kinds of firms. For example:

  •          Law firms can use it to stay in touch better with potential clients. This can be particularly useful because legal clients do prefer to be kept up to date with the progress of their cases. For this reason, good communication is welcome and can help generate future custom.
  •          Financial firms can be very effective at targeting leads by linking messages very closely to the particular needs of customers at various times.
  •          E-Commerce firms can use them to target people at different times of the day, for instance by sending messages in the early evening when people get home concerned with household goods.

As well as the various ways that different companies can reach their customers more effectively using SMS, the service on offer will also provide people with:

  •          Auto-reply, so your customers know when you have received a message
  •          Keywords - messages can be filtered and distributed based on their use of important keywords
  •          Real-time tracking of chat via SMS

These features can add extra value to your service and improve your level of communication with new and potential customers. It makes SMS messaging a very powerful tool in your marketing mix.

How can BeUniqueness help you grow with SMS?

BeUniqueness can provide your firm with SMS marketing as part of a wide suite of tools. Each client is different and we can combine SMS with the other components of a digital marketing mix that is tailored to the needs of your firm and the nature of your client base. By doing this, we can help you grow your business and enjoy an impressive return on marketing investment.

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