Product and Service Finder

Finding the right set of services for your clients can be a tricky and time-consuming process, but a product and service finder can speed the whole enterprise up.

Every firm wants to do the best for its clients, but when more than one single service is on offer and the needs of clients vary, the whole process of finding out what to do can be complicated.

There are two things that both a client and the firm providing a service to them will always want to avoid. The first of these is to provide the wrong service or services, while the second is to take too long working out what the best service is.

What can a product and service finder do to help?

For this reason, it can help to have something like a product and service finder, which can enable people to work out swiftly what kind of goods or services can provide the best solution for their needs.

The reason working out the right solution or combination is often tricky is because there are so many variables to factor in. Any client might differ from another in a range of ways:

  •          The core problem needing a solution may vary
  •           If it is a company their size may range from tiny to large
  •          The timescale for finding a solution may be short or long

These and many other elements can shape both the needs and the solutions.

How does the product and service finder work?

A product and service finder is designed to make the whole process easier through the creation of a simple survey system. Any prospective client visiting your website can answer a series of multiple-choice questions within a matter of moments. This will help establish their needs, their timescales and their budgets.

Working in the manner of a flow chart, these various items of data can be combined to produce a suggested combination of goods or services that will provide the best solutions for a customer. Within seconds a picture can emerge of the most appropriate options to help resolve a need.

Our own product and service finder works in exactly this way, with website visitors invited to answer a series of questions that can quickly establish a list of recommended services that would make up the best marketing strategy. For instance:

  •          Those needing leads swiftly are likely to be recommended PPC (pay-per-click) advertising
  •          Organic content marketing is a good option for those who have longer-term goals.
  •          The list of suggestions may be larger or smaller depending on budget size

What can the product and service finder do to help your firm provide the best service?

Using this system of breaking down needs and matching them with solutions can apply to all kinds of industries:

  •          A legal firm can use it to establish what kind of service / legal action may be required to help a particular client
  •          A pensions and investments provider can use it to recommend particular forms of savings or investments accounts
  •          An e-commerce firm can use it to direct people to the right product

These are just some of the many examples of how installing a product and service finder on your website can help speed up the process and provide fast, accurate suggestions.

How can BeUniqueness help?

At BeUniqueness, we know how varied the needs and characteristics of various clients are.  With our commitment to tailored solutions, we can offer a wide range of services and, for that reason, the product and service provider can help rapidly accelerate the whole process.

By setting one up on your website, we can help you to similarly offer your clients the most appropriate solutions.  

You can see a live example of a product and service finder in action by visiting our home page, where the pop-up questionnaire appears automatically.