Selene Brooke

Selene Brooke

/Partnership Assistant/

Selene loves making new friends. Friends have the greatest influence on her life. Selene had a lot of problems when she was younger, and her friends were always there to support her. Friendships and spending time with them make her happy and healthier, and it allows us to live life to the fullest.

About - Selene Brooke

She is in charge of creating and sustaining relationships with business partners, as well as designing revenue-generating methods for BeUniqueness.

She also identifies new partners and puts intriguing collaboration solutions into action. She’s the key person that negotiates attractive partnership agreements and establishes mutually advantageous partnership terms that are in accordance with the company's goals and strategy.

 It has taught her how to look to keep in touch with BeUniqueness contacts on a casual basis by memorizing the minor nuances of their conversion points. It has also taught her how to better form relationships. 

That’s not all though, with the things she’s learnt in her professional life, she’s been able to make crazy moves in her personal life too. She’s a mom of 3 and is able to juggle work with her family life extremely well. You can find her being the biggest cheerleader in all the events for her kid’s school, spending the rest of her time working on her mom’s life blog, where other moms can learn her secrets, without having to experience any hardships themselves. A true superwoman, who can do whatever she sets her mind to!

Favourite Quote

"You - yourself, not someone else - need to determine where you want to go and what you want to do in your life. And once you make that decision, you can begin mapping a plan to get there and focusing on that objective every single day." - Squire Rushnell