Michael Keith

SEO Editor
Ensuring that all of the company's material is optimized for search engines (and those who use it) is his duty. He manages all forms of content on the website, editing and developing concise and keyword-rich content for the company and ensuring that the BeUniqueness has a broader SEO strategy, matching their Digital marketing needs.

Micheal has been editing and developing new content for his school since he was a child. However, as he grew older, he learned to think critically. 
This enabled him to develop an analytical mind capable of distinguishing between causation and correlation. This is the first talent that inspired him to pursue a career as an SEO editor.
Last year, he joined BeUniqueness, which eased his professional worries further. He has already learned a lot during the last year, including social and technical abilities. All he does now is apply that learning in his personal and professional life.

Favourite Quote

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there. - Teddy Roosevelt