Gianna Harper

Digital Media Buyer
Gianna is an enthusiastic digital nomad with a major in English Literature, a word connoisseur who enjoys writing about cutting-edge technology, digital media, and career conundrums.

Gianna manages the process of buying ad space and time on digital and offline media like websites, YouTube, radio, and television. She's also in charge of negotiating ad inventory with publishers, managing budgets, and tweaking ads to boost campaign effectiveness.

Gianna has come a long way destined to be a part of BeUniqueness. It was no accident that she had landed an amazing role as a digital media buyer but due to her excellent communication skills, she was able to reach such highs.

Gianna has been a long-time BeUniqueness employee, having worked for the company for more than six years. She’s been a great asset to the team, and not just because she’s great at what she does as a digital media buyer, but also because of the type of person she is. 

Gianna is a go-getter and a team player, so she’s constantly making sure that she’s uplifting those around her as she reaches new levels of success too. When she’s not working, she’s volunteering at training centres to help people that are just starting out, skip some stepping stones and reach the success they’re destined for!

Favourite Quote

"Taking responsibility - practicing 100 percent responsibility every day - is about seeing ourselves not as right or wrong, but as an agent, chooser, problem solver, and learner in the complex interrelationships of our lives so that we can better integrate with the people and world around us. When we do this, we enjoy a better and more productive way to live and lead." - Christopher Avery