Marketing Strategy

Having an effective marketing strategy can make all the difference to your firm’s fortunes.

Marketing is not a random process. Some might imagine that all is required is to spend a lot of money getting your firm’s name and products ‘out there’ through various advertising mediums and this will bring in the custom, but that is not a wise approach

Rather than spreading a marketing message far and wide, it is vital to make it closely focused, with a range of key points in mind:

  •          Who are your likely customers?
  •          How are you most likely to reach them?
  •          How can you focus on your unique selling points?
  •          What mediums should you use?
  •          What should you avoid doing?
  •          How can you assess progress?

Who should you market to?

At the heart of any marketing strategy is the buyer persona. This is an archetype of your ideal customer. It reflects a range of characteristics that make them likely to be interested in the goods or services you provide.

  •          Demographic characteristics like age, gender, values
  •          Situational characteristics like profession, income and education level
  •          Most importantly, their needs and wants that you can resolve
  • By tailoring your marketing message at people who fit this profile best, you will be most likely to get through to those who will be interested in what you have to offer.

What is the best way to reach your market?

A digital marketing strategy can employ different elements, with each component of your marketing mix having different benefits:

  •          Content marketing provides optimised articles and blogs provides optimised articles and blogs that can be found in search engines through keywords and raise awareness
  •          Social media will generate interaction  
  •          Email marketing can help you target leads more directly

All this will in turn need to be tailored. For example, the choice of platforms for social media marketing should correspond with those your buyer persona frequently uses.

How can you be sure you are getting it right?

Not every strategy will get it right every time. This is why it is important to monitor what you are doing to see what is working well and what is not. This data can be used to inform a fine-tuning of the strategy to make it more effective.

As well as examining your own efforts, competitor research, can also establish what your rivals are doing and which of their tactics you should emulate.

What BeUniqueness can do for you?

At BeUniqueness, we can offer a comprehensive digital strategy to help you raise awareness, find leads and nurture them to enable them to become your customers. With our help, you can put this strategy at the heart of a sales process that will greatly increase your return on investment.