Legal Websites

Every law firm needs a good legal website. BeUniqueness can provide just the kind of platform that you need to make sure you can offer a compelling user experience for your site visitors.

Whether you have an existing site that needs enhancing or are just starting out from scratch, our team can provide a site that is attractive, provides a great user experience and offers a professional look to help encourage more custom for your firm.

Offering websites for law firms, web analysis skills and years of experience in content and optimisation, we can help develop a site for you that will help your law firm stand out from the rest.


  •          We will provide an expert web designer to develop your site from the beginning, with unlimited revisions available until you are fully satisfied.
  •          You will fully own a Google-compatible site that has 5-8 pages
  •          You will be enabled to add, remove or alter as many internal pages as you like
  •          We can provide you with a new company logo / offer limitless revisions to your existing logo until you are happy with it
  •          Sites powered by industry-leading Wordpress content management system
  •          You get an image gallery with integrated content management
  •          Website security with automatic updates to keep your site safe
  •          Your site will be mobile-friendly and accessible from all devices
  •          Search engine optimisation
  •          Contact forms will be built into your site
  •          Access to our large picture library included
  •          Integrated social media with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  •          You get to choose your website domain name
  •          12 months of high-speed secure UK business hosting
  •          You can run several email accounts at once
  •          Technical help, support and training available from the experts

Administration Area - Industry Trusted WordPress Content Management System

  • Content management system with password-protection
  • Facility to add, delete or update images, videos, charts and other content directly to your site
  • Easy to keep site updated and maintain high Google ranking
  • Simple analysis of website visits and website keywords
  • You don’t need coding skills or technical knowledge to use site

Included with every website we build and vital to your website search engine rank (SEO)

  • Google analytics - An essential tool for monitoring website traffic and keywords
  • SEO plugin - helps with optimising keywords, Google previews, checking readability and updates to Google algorithms
  • Tailored SEO coding and user-friendly URLs
  • Holding page - helps you begin building Google authority on your domain while your site is still under construction
  • Trust Spot Reviews – A free plan to help you collect and display your customer reviews
  • My Business Local Search listing on Google that will enhance your visibility online
  • Your site will be mobile friendly
  • Integrated live chat to enable direct contact with clients
  • Integrated blog tailored to your website design and branding
  • Dedicated SSL key (improved padlock security) – This is supported by Google and Facebook and at present we are the only website design firm offering this free of charge
  • WP-Rocket – a facility to give our site extremely rapid load-up speed, which boosts your Google ranking
How much does it cost?

  • Legal websites with around ten pages would cost around £800 on average. This would include features such as contact ages, social media buttons, blogs and a live chat facility.
  • Depending on the exact number every page more than ten would be charged £50.
  • It is increasingly common for web developers to charge a fee for building the site and a monthly support or hosting fee of between £20 and £50 a month. We include this charge in the first year’s payment. 

Very Important: 

We are happy to confirm you will have full ownership of the site. This is not the case with some web companies, who will not give you full intellectual property rights.

What happens next?

  • The first thing we will do will be to send a 50% invoice to you. When this is paid, our accounts department will email back a receipt. We will also send you a creative brief form to fill in to help us find out more about your firm and any ideas you may have.
  • This form will not dictate what we do, but it will give us some useful information to help as we get started.
  • After this, we will assign a designer for you and they will provide the initial set of ideas to you in seven days.
  • This will be followed by the ‘unlimited revision design’ period, which means your designer will keep on working on the design until you are totally happy with it. When this stage is achieved we will invoice you for the next 25% of the charge.
  • Following this, our developers will code and optimise your website, using up-to-date SEO, mobile and workstation optimisation techniques.

When all this is done and you are totally happy with the way the site looks and works, we will invoice you for the rest of the payment. Once we receive this we can set your site live.