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Why social media offers your law firm a great opportunity

Social media is used by the majority of British adults, but most law firms only have a limited presence on it that doesn’t help them grow much.

However, we can help you increase your online presence, raise your profile and gain far more leads with our law firm social media strategy. This way, you can be noticed by millions of potential clients.

Some law firms think just having a page on Facebook or a Twitter account is enough, but we know that these platforms can be used in far more ways than most realise. Examples of this include:

  • Social media ads such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Blog posts and other content, including videos
  • Increased interaction with existing and potential new clients
  • Sharing links
  • Telling your story and highlighting your unique selling points

 These are examples of tools various law firms can use, but the best way to go about it may vary from one firm to the next.

For that reason we offer the option of bespoke services, so we can help you plan a social media marketing strategy that fits best for your firm.

How to use social media to reach your target market

Every marketing campaign needs a buyer persona, a characterisation of the ideal customer based on their needs, wants, demographic information, values and much more.

When using social media, we can help you shape your strategy to focus on the platforms that people who best fit your persona are most likely to use.

For example, LinkedIn is ideal for marketing services to professionals, while Instagram can be used for targeting a younger demographic.

What can BeUniqueness do to boost your social media impact?

At BeUniqueness, we do not just help you devise a great social media strategy. We can integrate this with a range of other services to help ensure you not only generate more leads, but can help turn them into your future clients.

This can include:

  • Branding services
  • Competitor research
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Organic content and SEO

So if you want to get ahead of the competition and make the most of the possibilities social media can offer your firm, BeUniqueness can help you grow as your return on investment soars.

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