Instagram Advertising Agency UK

Instagram is a popular and powerful social media platform, making it an excellent place for growing your business through online ads.

Instagram is a powerful and growing social media tool. Because it is primarily visual - based on still images and videos - it offers an extremely effective platform for advertising goods, as it is set up to visually highlight their visual attractiveness.

For this reason, Instagram is popular with influencers who like to promote various goods, while many companies use the site to promote their own wares.

What demographic can best be targeted with Instagram Ads?

In the UK, Instagram has a very clear demographic profile. Almost a third of its 23.8 million users are in the 25-34 age group, with nearly a quarter in the 18-24 range. By contrast, fewer than one in six users are older than 45.

Furthermore, another feature of the demographic is that around 56% are female and 44% male. What this means is Instagram is particularly effective for targeting a buyer persona that is young and female.

How do Instagram Ads work?

Like other social media ads, Instagram ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, so you would bid for space on the site and then apply the settings to help it target the right people, at the right place, at the right time:

  •          You can pitch it at certain demographics (age, gender etc)
  •          You can select locations in which to display the ad
  •          You can pick the times of day and year: The cost of LinkedIn ads tends to increase in the later months of the year.

Because Instagram is owned and run by Facebook, you can access information from Facebook’s own database to help construct your buyer persona at which to target your campaign.

What kind of ads can you run?

A great reason to choose Instagram ads is the variety of different options you have for them, which means you can use various ways of seeking to connect with your target audience.

  •          Stories ads - these only last for 24 hours, making them optimal for time-limited offers
  •          Photo ads - these are ideal for selling a product via the use of a strong image
  •          Video ads - Instagram now allows the use of video in ads
  •          Carousel ads - These allow viewers to swipe through a series of different pictures, which can be particularly useful for advertising a range of products
  •          Collection ads - these allow viewers to purchase directly from the ads

The choice you make will depend on your goals. For example, photo or video ads are great for awareness, whereas collection ads are for buyers ready to make a purchasing decision.

Whatever you do, add call to action buttons so that those interested in the products or services you have to offer can take things further.

How can you create ads?

There are two ways to create Instagram ads. You can do it directly through Instagram by linking your Instagram account to your firm’s Facebook business profile or use Facebook ads manager. The later will help you run ads on both social media platforms.

  •          The instructions will clearly guide you through the process and enable you to set who sees the ads, where and when.
  •          It also sets up the bidding process for you
  •          You can then build the ads themselves from the templates provided

Once this is all done, you can set the ads live.

How can BeUniqueness help you?

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive knowledge of social media advertising and we can help you devise the best strategy for your firm. This means we can help you use Instagram ads in the way that is most suited to help attract new customers and give you the best possible return on investment.