Email Marketing for Law Firms

Why law firms can benefit from a great email marketing campaign 

The legal sector plays a significant part of the national economy. According to the SRA, there are 146,913 practising solicitors registered in England and Wales, compared to only 115,487 ten years ago. 

All that suggests there is a healthy marketplace for law firms. But the increasing scale of the sector also throws up challenges. As the market grows dramatically, making your law firm stand out from your competition doesn’t seem like an easy job.

Of course, many firms will try all sorts of marketing, but it is known that traditional methods such as billboards and newspaper ads are much less effective than digital marketing, which offers a range of powerful and effective tools.

Why email marketing can make a big difference

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools for helping bring in new clients. It is not the primary means of bringing in leads; that is the role of content, your website and pay-per-click ads. But it is a highly effective means of following them up.

It means you can use your lead-generating tools to set up an email marketing campaign. By asking people to tick a box for emails or sign up to receive things like newsletters or special offers, you can ensure you have plenty of people you can send emails to.

This means you can send emails to people who are at various stages of the buyer journey:

  •          Awareness - these are the people who have just found out about what you offer, so you can tell them more and give them reasons to stay interested
  •          Consideration - This is where people have established awareness and are certainly interested, but have not yet made up their minds about whether to engage your services
  •          Decision – This is the point where a lead is on the brink of making a decision and a good email can nudge them over the line.
  • Your emails can contain special offers, information, links to blogs and much else to help steer people through the buyer journey to the point of purchase.

Help sell to your existing customers

Email marketing can also help you market to your existing customers. It takes a lot more work to bring in a new customer than secure more custom from a current or previous customer, so this is an opportunity that should not be missed.

The buyer journey can include a fourth stage, that of delight. This is what you should focus on with your existing customers. It means providing special offers and rewards for returning customers, including incentives for referring others.

It is important to focus on this because there is an extra benefit to nurturing customer loyalty: Those who keep coming back and are happy with what you offer will be more likely to recommend you to family, friends and colleagues. Not only is this free, but word-of-mouth is more trusted than any advert.  

How to make email marketing effective for your law firm

The best way to make sure you contact the right people is to use an email marketing tool, which will be designed to enable marketers to send out large numbers of emails while still targeting specific people. There are several other powerful email marketing tools available.

Using these tools, you can do the following:

  • Decide which email marketing tool is the best option for you
  • Create engaging content in the emails tailored for your target market
  • Tell a story

It’s always important to remember that design is a key element of your email. Make it look professional, detailed and decorated with attractive, relevant images.

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive knowledge and experience in running a great email marketing campaign. As one of the top digital agencies in Manchester, we can provide your law firm with the professional and attractive email strategy it needs to take your leads through every stage of the buyer journey. This can be accomplished through a broad marketing strategy that ensures your email campaign fits in with your other marketing activity.

To find out how we can help you put in place an email marketing campaign, click here to fill in our enquiry form or book your appointment.