Creating your First E-book

An e-book can be an invaluable tool in communicating information about your firm and its products or services to your potential clients. For that reason, it is important to know just how to do it and what to include in it.

Your website may be compelling, you might have pages an pages of information, lots of blogs and social media pages too. But sometimes your site visitors will want a bit more. 

If you want to offer a deeper insight into what you are about, what your offer and how you do it, an E-book can be an invaluable way of going about it. 

What is an E-Book?

An E-Book is, quite simply, a digital version of a book that can be read online. Like a physical book, it can have chapters and numbered pages and will be read in the same way by the reader progressing from one page to the next. 

What are the main benefits of an E-Book?

The primary benefit of an E-Book is to provide your reader with an easily accessible means of finding out more about your firm. 

  •          They can download it from your site or have it emailed to them to provide them with a digitally accessible copy at any time
  •          Unlike a physical book, it won’t have to be printed, won’t be left in one location and can’t be lost or damaged
  •          It can be updated  
  •          Content can be shared with more people

All this is extremely useful when you want to provide accessible information to as many people as possible and keep it up-to-date. 

Who needs the E-Book?

The E-Book can be invaluable for a range of possible readers, depending on your business.

  •          Customers and potential customers - these will be the most common beneficiaries and will gain from having an understanding of what you can offer. 
  •          Other members of your industry as part of networking efforts
  •       Fellow stakeholders and investors in your business

The key in each case is to make information more accessible to whoever will need it. 

How to make it user friendly

As mentioned above, a key appeal of an E-Book is its user-friendly nature due to its accessibility and the capacity for updates. 

In addition, we can offer a range of applications that can make your E-Book look particularly attractive, helping you ensure it is read more widely.

  •          3D cover feature: You don’t have to make your E-book look like a flat page. The 3D cover feature gives it the appearance of a real book displayed at a slight angle, so you can see the covers and the pages between them. Then, as the reader opens it, the e-book looks like a real book opening.
  •          The flipbook feature. This uses an animated flipping effect to recreate the image of a page being flipped, as it folds and flips over to the next page. As with the 3D imagery, it gives the visual impression of reading a real physical book and helps give your reader the same ‘feel’ of working their way through a publication. 
  •          The advantage of the 3D imagery is that it gives your e-book a more compelling and high-tech look, making it more likely to hold the attention of your reader, which is the most important thing of all. 
  • Receive your e-book in URL, PDF, PDF in Flipbook or Flipbook embed code
  • Create your e-book from scratch
  • Bonus 
    • Import any content from PDF, Word Docx, Google Doc, Blog post/URL, FB Page & FB group, and cover it into a stunning e-book
    • Export your e-book to Kindle
    • Create Flipbooks from any existing PDFs

How BeUniqueness can help you create a great E-Book

We can not only offer advice on creating an E-Book, but can also use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform a blog into an E-Book in just a couple of hours and more as explained above

Thanks to this great service from BeUniqueness, you can communicate with your customers and stakeholders in a new, attractive and effective way. This can play a key part in helping you develop a more effective digital marketing and branding strategy.