Content Marketing for Lawyers

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Why is content marketing vital for law firms?


Content marketing is the use of written content such as blogs or news, or videos, to help market products or services in an indirect fashion.


It is more advertorial than editorial, but plays a key role in marketing by helping to raise awareness of who you are, what you do and how you can solve the problems and challenges your potential clients face.


Content marketing is essential for law firms, in order to help them gain a better position in the competitive marketplace. To try to do without it would put your firm at a clear disadvantage to rivals who use this invaluable tool.

What are the key elements of content marketing?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a central feature of content marketing. It is the means by which you give your content the best chance of reaching the first page of search engine rankings pages. It has several elements:

  •          Keywords: These are popular terms people will use to type into search engines when looking for information to help them, so you should include these in your content
  •          Relevance: You will be ranked more highly if your content is relevant to the subject
  •          Backlinks: Including links to relevant content from other sources will help your ranking
  •          Good images and video: These help your ranking as research has been shown people are more likely to remain on a page of written content if it contains good images and even more so if it has an embedded video.

Reaching page one of the search rankings matters because most keyword searches result in the person searching clicking on a page one result. Only a small minority will go onto look at more results on page 2 or beyond.

Different kinds of keyword

It is also worth noting that there is more than one kind of keyword.

Short-tail keywords consist of just one or two words, whereas a long-tail keyword consist of many.

To give an example, suppose your firm deals with wills and probate law. Someone may find your content after typing in the keyword "wills”, which will produce general results on this topic.

However, suppose there is a specific query, such as making provision for a charitable donation in a will. Then they may key in something like "donating to charity through a will”.

If you have content on this topic, your long-tail keyword should be something similar to this. There does not need to be an exact match as search engine algorithms can recognise close matches. Your long-tail keyword can then help steer the reader to the kind of content they are looking for and make them aware that you can help them with what they are looking for.

Being relevant and authoritative matters

Being relevant and authoritative is highly important in SEO, because this what will set your content apart from other material that has the same or similar keywords.

Relevance will help you attract more potential client. To do this your content needs to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and thought leadership in a specific area that they are interested.

For example, an article named as "how Brexit will bring impact on future immigration law in the UK” will help you reach out to these people who may need assistance on UK immigration after new laws are introduced in the wake of Brexit. Because it is relevant to their interests, people will be attracted to read it.

However, your keywords should also be relevant. In the early days of SEO websites could attract more hits by including popular search terms that were not actually relevant to the content.

This led to the web being flooded with poor quality and irrelevant content that gave no help to those searching for solutions to their needs. For that reason, the irrelevant use of keywords is now penalised by search engines.

Authority increases over time as you produce more and more relevant content. It takes time to build this up, which is why it can take six months or more for your content to start reaching page one of the search rankings.

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we have great experience of providing content marketing services and SEO for law firms to manage online content on different platforms. Our bespoke marketing solutions and tailored content marketing strategy can help your law firm grow, generate more leads, gain new clients online quickly and increase your marketing return on investment.