Young Enterprise


Young Enterprise is a body that works to help young people become the entrepreneurs and business owners of tomorrow. Part of its work is the Young Enterprise Start-Up programme, which is designed to help students in further and higher education to gain work experience and training that will enable them to go on to start their own companies within 12 months. 

The course runs in parallel with the establishment of these start-ups, as the course places a strong emphasis on ‘learning on the job’.


The major challenge to the course has come from the Covid-19 pandemic, which means that the classroom element of courses cannot be delivered. This means that to make sure the course is still as comprehensive, helpful, informative and effective as it would be in normal circumstances, high quality e-learning in the form of online presentations and training need to be provided to fill the gap. 


Based on the client's objectives, we conducted a business marketing strategy include our solution to produce a series of online webinars, seminars and presentations that would provide great e-learning resources for students. The solutions were to be distributed to the universities involved in the project (Manchester Metropolitan University, Bolton, Oldham and Salford), as well as six affiliated FE colleges. These would enable them to offer anytime, anywhere e-learning.

Work Synopsis 



Here are the results that we helped the client achieve through our project

  • The result was that this provided the educational institutions with new tools to enable their students to engage more fully with the Youth Enterprise programme despite the constraints placed on their interaction and contact by the necessities of social distancing during the pandemic.
  • It also means these resources will remain available to provide the same benefits in the 2020-21 academic year should the social distancing restrictions remain in place.