Richard & Co Accounting

Richard & Co Accounting

Richard & Co provides clients with the specialised accounting support and services they need, allowing them to focus on their businesses and personal lives. The firm have been in the industry since 2000, and their team of licensed accountants work diligently, in accordance with the highest professional standards.

About - Richard & Co Accounting


Richard & Co Accounting is an accountancy firm of several years standing that is well established but is now keen to expand its customer base. They provide clients personalised tax and accounting services throughout San Francisco since 2000. With their certified training and expansive financial knowledge, they are equipped to handle all accounting needs, no matter how complex.

A particular priority is to appeal to SME business owners by highlighting the firm’s expertise in this area. 


Richard & Co Accounting wants to extend its customer base by highlighting its high levels of competence, qualification, speed of service and popularity with existing customers 


Based on the client's budgets and objectives, we delivered a package of solutions include content blogs to raise their profile, monthly social media management and a tailored PPC strategy through Google Adwords Campaigns. 

 Work Synopsis

  • Social Media Management


These are the results we helped the client achieve compared to the last period:

  • boosted online appointment by 58% through Google Adwords campaign 
  • ranked the client's website on page 1 on Google in 2 weeks' time