Rare Skills Ltd


Rare Skills Ltd. is a software development and IT services company based in Altrincham, Cheshire, with another office in India. It provides consultancy and IT services to a global customer base, as well as acting as a recruitment agency for highly-skilled IT professionals. Its solutions expertise includes cloud computing, machine learning, blockchain and dynamic CRM. 


The client’s primary problem is a lack of brand awareness and the consequent difficulty in establishing the online presence and profile they need. Alongside this, they have a lack of leads and need to have measures in place to gain more.


To help the company grow based on their budget and objectives, we undertook a project to enhance the user experience and presentation of his website. We also provided social media posts to promote his content, in order to drive more traffic to his site and convert more leads into customers. 

In addition, we produced blogs for the client to provide optimised content for his site, as well as editing the existing pages to help improve flow, readability and grammar of written text, while removing any errors. This will have the effect of providing a better user experience for readers and help them make favourable buyer decisions. 

Work Synopsis 

  • Social Media Management & Engagement 


Our work for the client produced the following results:

  • gained 75 new users from the website traffic, which is a 100% increase

  • social media engagement increased by 4633%

  • jump of 100% in page likes in the space of less than one month