Northern Records


Northern Records is an independent firm selling retro and vintage music including vinyl records and old record players. They have a store in central Manchester.

The firm is small and was set up 2 years ago, with a key USP being the sale of shirts and other memorabilia commemorating the retro music and bands that produced it. They now have an online shop, which is a key element of their attempt to outperform local rivals.


Northern Records just recently set up their official website where customers can browse and buy records online. Sometimes a modern thing like the internet is a blessing after all. 

However, they wanted their online store to be a major success to give them an edge on other retro music stores in the area, but this required solutions to bring in more site traffic. 


Based on the client's budget and objectivesBeUniqueness used content blogs to increase their brand awareness, social media management to reach out to and engage with fans of retro music and also enhanced the website to make it more attractive to visitors. All this was designed to bring more site visitors and give them a better user experience. We also launched a Facebook ad campaign to bring more customers to visit their new site.  

Work Synopsis 


Our work for the client produced the following results:

  • Brought a large number of new visitors to their online shop with a avg. increase of 5% and kept a stable number of active users on a daily basis

  • Used a Facebook Ad campaign to increase their brand awareness among competitors in Great Manchester area and boosted the social engagement by 18%, including 55 likes, 12 comments and 100 post shares within 1 week's time