Énergie Fitness


Energie Fitness itself is a subsidiary company of Energie Global Brand Management and is headquartered in Milton Keynes. The firm was incorporated in June 2020. It has a large portfolio of over 100 gyms across the UK, but each one is locally owned on a franchise basis, as is the case in Cardiff. 


Because the firm is new and competing in a mature and busy market, being able to stand out and gain market share will not be easy. The gym will need a strong marketing campaign to create a profile and to bring in leads in order to establish itself in the local market in Cardiff.


The first step was to provide PPC via Facebook ads, with the aim of generating a large number of leads that could be converted into customers for the firm. This would help provide a more long-term build up of the firm’s profile and increase awareness of what the Cardiff gym has to offer. 


Our work for the client produced the following results:

  • boosted the reached number to over 20K new users
  • gained 40 new leads with 69p per lead through our Facebook ads campaign