Brand Monitoring

Establishing a good brand is an important part of your marketing strategy, but brand monitoring can provide the information you need to keep it strong.

The importance of having a strong brand with a positive image is impossible to overstate. The stronger, more recognisable and more favourably viewed a brand is, the more likely it is people will be aware of it and will want to buy its goods or services.

  • However, the world does not stand still; Every brand will face multiple challenges:
  •           Your own brand may be negatively affected by poor performance or incidents that cause bad publicity
  •           Competitors will seek to promote their brand ahead of yours
  •           The market may change, meaning you need to appeal to different needs and aspirations

What can brand monitoring do to help?

Brand Monitoring offers a powerful tool to help you stay ahead of the competition. It uses analytics software to track how your brand is performing online:

  •            It shows when it is mentioned on the internet - either positively or negatively
  •           The data can be filtered to establish where mentions are occurring, such as on particular social media sites
  •           Provides potential opportunities for good PR and marketing

The last of these can be generated through engagements with those who have good things to say about your brand. A good example of this would be a blogger who has given you a positive write-up. If your monitoring spots such an article you can share it on your social media and benefit from the high level of trust potential customers place on word-of-mouth marketing.

Why you should monitor competitor brands

  • This is not just to establish whether you’re doing better or worse than them
  •           You can find out what they are doing well that you might be able to copy
  •           You can find out where they are going wrong and make sure you don’t copy them
  •           You can find out how their strategies have changed

All this means you will be making decisions based on information about how rival firms in your sector are doing. This means there will be less trial-and-error involved in building your own strategy.

How we can help

At BeUniqueness, we can help monitor both your brand and those of your rivals, in order to help you find the very best ways to maintain and enhance your own brand and your marketing strategy.